We Caught Him! Democrat Leader Arrested For 113 Counts Of Bribery, Money Laundering, Defrauding The IRS

The liberals that are not playing dirty games can be count on one hand. Everyday a new democrat is exposed. Slowly, their masks are falling off . And now there is a brand new scandal which is maybe the outrageous one of them all.
When Obama was the country’s leader, liberals could get away with anything. Sexual assaults, murders, financial crimes, and God knows what else. Many of these liberals continue to play their games even though Obama’s out of the White House.
What they’re clearly not aware of is that now, with Trump on the lead, their crimes won’t be covered up. The latest democrats whose deeds were uncovered just made other crimes to be forgotten.
Right now, Sen. Brian Joyce is the main villain in the U.S. He has just been arrested, and you won’t believe the crimes he did!
From The Federalist Papers:
“Former Massachusetts state Sen. Brian Joyce – who served nine terms, was arrested and charged with running his official office as a “criminal enterprise” and faces a whopping 113-count federal indictment.
The sleazebag senator reportedly took at least $1 million in bribes and kickbacks using the power of his office. He was also charged with racketeering, extortion, fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to defraud the IRS. He faces decades in prison.
Joyce, 55, was taken into custody Friday by the FBI following a two-year investigation…
Prosecutors say Joyce used his law practice, which he ran while working as a full-time legislator, to launder the proceeds of his schemes by “falsely characterizing the bribe and kickback payments as legal referral fees,” and that he lied to the state Ethics Commission about the payments.”
Well, it looks like he definitely knew how to take advantage of his position. When he was arrested in his office, the police noticed many Dunkin Donuts coffee cups.
The reason was simple – bribe. Yes, it was a bribe from a local chain. He abused his power in exchange for different things. For example,  he used the campaign money  to pay for his son’s graduation party. He was also good of manipulating real-estate deals to gain extra cash. Like his salary wasn’t enough, huh…
The list goes on…Joyce did his crimes thinking that Obama and his infiltrates in the FBI won’t charge him for anything… The scandals that were just revealed left us speechless. I guess Liberals are good in covering their filthy backs.
Thanks to Trump, the truth is slowly showing up. If Clinton or Obama were President, these crimes would still stayed under the rugs and we’d never knew what was going on.
We shouldn’t be scared anymore because as we see, the President is doing his job. All the liberals will soon be exposed.
Their crimes will come to an end.


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