WATCH: 6 Weeks Before 1987 Death, Liberace Tells Oprah What Trump Did During Shopping Trip

We know Donald Trump’s methods and principles, and they are pretty much awesome.

That is why we elected him at first. You can see class from far away.
What the famous pianist had to say about Trump?
According to Mad World News:
Legendary pianist Władziu Valentino Liberace died on February 4, 1987, from a strain of pneumonia brought by AIDS. Six weeks earlier he was guest in Oprah’s show and he revealed a story about his shopping hours with Donald Trump.
Liberace said:
“I went shopping with Donald Trump in the Trump Tower. I had a nice fur coat on, and we went up to this furrier, and Donald saw this coat and he said, ‘Why don’t you try that on? That kind of looks like you.’ And I tried it on, I said, ‘Do you really think it looks like me?’ He says, ‘I like it better than the one you’re wearing.’ So I say, ‘Well maybe I should get it then.’ He said, ‘No, wait, wait,’ So we left, and I said, ‘Why wouldn’t you let me buy that coat?’” Liberace asked. “Because, he said, ‘I can get a better price for you,’”
According to The Western Journal, Trump was putting his deal-making skills to good use long before the presidental election. He outlined his methodology in “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” and revealed 11 steps for succesfull business.
  1. Think big
  2. Protect the downside and the upside will take care of itself
  3. Maximize your options
  4. Know your market
  5. Use your leverage
  6. Enhance your location
  7. Get the word out
  8. Fight back
  9. Deliver the goods
  10. Contain the costs
  11. Have fun
You can see the Liberace’s performance on Oprah below.
A British news outlet described the comparison between the two men:
As a conservative with a fervent belief in capitalism, Liberace might even have had a chance of success. For somebody very similar to him has just shown that such an implausible thing can be achieved. It has only just occurred to me, but Liberace and Donald Trump have a lot in common.
The most obvious thing is their taste for flamboyant luxury. ‘Too much of a good thing is wonderful,’ was Liberace’s motto, but it could just as well be Trump’s.
It’s sure that if Liberace was alive today, he would have been very much in support of Trump’s presidency.
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