WATCH: 12-Year-Old Trump Fan Destroys Barack H. Obama In Epic Live TV Rant

Perhaps the future for our kids isn’t so bad after all.

Younger generations are putting up a fight against liberal brainwashing.
A trump supporter only 12 years old simply blasted former President Barack Obama in a public interview.
“He’s done more good in six months than Obama did in 8 years!” were the exact same words of Millie March an absolute sweetheart.
Millie March received national coverage earlier this year after a video of herself at CPAC spread virally. Young Millie is a very eloquent and well-spoken 12-year-old. She is bright as they come.
The student’s clothes caused a lot of notice. Millie March was dressed in a Trump shirt, American flag themed leggings and shorts, gold Trump footwear, and a Make America Great Again hat.
Obviously excited, young Millie still speaks with more eloquence than the majority of liberal university professors. Colleges better look out in six years.
Millie was clearly inspired, she talks with more appeal than a large number of liberal college professors. These professors should take notes. Young Millie is on the rise.
Millennials are recognized by their entitlement, negligence, and overall liberalism, this upcoming generation seems to welcome conservatism as the new and better counter culture.
While Liberals have full control over the press, the academy, the state establishments, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and last but not least Hollywood. Young revolutionaries are not brainwashed and they give their support to President Trump.
While most people are liberal when they are young and become conservative as they get older, Millie proves that if you are smart enough you can skip the angst filled liberal years altogether.
It’s a stereotype that young people are liberals from the get go. Millie is the exact opposite.  She shows that if you have a brain and use it wisely you can skip the dread filled liberal years completely.
The end is near for the Liberals. Their reign is coming to an end. Many young people are going angrily against their beliefs. It looks like Millie is the leader in this up and coming conservative movement.
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