Trump Just Showed Up Where Obama Just Was And Returned EVERYTHING He Stole From Americans!

Seems like property is all that matters to us humans lately.

And it’s normal – since the homeless population has increased drastically the last decade.
And who was governing than? The Liberals, Obama, and Bill Clinton.
Even John Locke, who was called the “Father of Liberalism”, in arguments against supporters of the absolute monarchy, conceptualized property as a “natural right” that God had not bestowed exclusively on the monarchy. Influenced by the rise of mercantilism, Locke argued that private property was antecedent to, and thus independent of, government.
Luckily, Trump, though belonging to the Conservatives, shares Sir Locke’s views.
According to our source, M Political, during his official visit in Utah, Salt Lake City to be more specific, President Trump announced that he will slash two major pieces of federal land. Normally, such a big change of territorial governance erupted between both sides, extorting anger on one side, and praises on the other.
Conservative Tribune stated that the protestors reacted, from the Native American activists and environmentalists, claiming that this move is not only illegal, but also insulting to the Native Americans, because there were significant monuments on that land, representing their culture and history.
On the other hand, conservatives claim that “we have long contended that both monuments were nothing more than an usurpation of land by the federal government by abusing the 1906 Antiquities Act.”
The report followed: “The move has been a long time in coming; in October, it was reportedthat Trump had called Utah GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch and told him he was approving a plan by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke that would reverse federal protection on 3.6 million acres of land. In the case of Bears Ears National monument, that means an 85 percent reduction of federally-protected land.

On his way out the door last year, former President Obama decided to use the Antiquities Act to create the monument — one of 29 he created during his presidency for a grand total of 553 million acres of land under the control of the federal government.”
To be more specific and to have in mind just about what we are discussing here, look up this picture.
This is an area that should’ve been swung over to the States long back – not extended.
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