Trump Does the Single Most Important Thing He’s Done As President, and Nobody Is Talking About It

President Donald trump just sheltered America from an electromagnetic pulse attack.
According to the Washington Examiner Trump  is the first U.S. President to make a move on protecting the nation from an electromagnetic attack similar to that of the North Korea practice.
He recently released a national security strategy in which he issued a promise to his people that he will “move quickly”  to fix the mistakes of his proponents.
They say that a couple of his chief advocates, William Graham and Peter Vincent Pry, the executives of the U.S.’s first congressional EMP commission issued this statement:
“President Trump understands, even if everyone in his administration does not, that ‘strategic stability’ and ‘longstanding strategic relationships with Russia or China’ are best maintained — not by a policy of mutual vulnerability — but by a policy of ‘Peace Through Strength.’ Protecting the nation from all missile threats and EMP should be the cornerstone of a ‘Peace Through Strength’ policy.”
They reassured people that this is not going to be an expensive deal and can be easily and speedily achieved with ‘commercial products’
In a case of attack, America could be facing  loss of many innocent lives, estimated to about 90% of the population in a year.
More news, regarding this issue are provided by Daily Wire who say that  the two executives testified in front of Congress, earlier this fall. In their statements, they referenced a writing from ambassador Henry Cooper, the previous director of the U.S. Strategic Defense initiative.
Cooper also predicted that an EMP attack on America would end up with catastrophic consequences  in which about 90 percent of the population will be wiped out. According to  sources for Daily Wire, the United States ballistic missile defense interceptors are constructed in a way what they make an obstruction to a few North Korean ICBMS approaching the U.S. over the North Pole.
However, they are not deigned to protect the country from any potential approach from the South Polar region. Interestingly, North Korea has a satellite launcher which can easily carry a nuclear weapon over the south polar region and detonate it over American soil, creating a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse.
Sources claim that this could mean that the result would be a total shut down of the electric power greed for who knows how long. And if that continues for up to a year, it will certainly lead up to the death of approximately 90% of all Americans.
Trump is just fulfilling his promise, which he made during the election.  America must prevent this electromagnetic pulse. If just a single nuclear weapon is detonated over this country, we could be looking at a total ‘collapse’ of our electrical grid and other infrastructures which will put in danger the lives of  millions of  people.
This has become a real threat now that North Korea is in possession of nuclear missiles and Iran is so hell bent on having them.  Even so, hundreds of electrical utilities in the U.S have done nothing to shield themselves from EMP.
It is the Government’s responsibility to secure the safety of its people, that is why Trump’s top priority at this moment lies precisely in finding a solution to this problem.
All organizations, the President, Congress, the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, must work together to protect the nation.


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