Stunning Development In Alabama Race Just Shocked Every Gloating Liberal Out There – “It’s Not Over!”

The Alabama Senate race is getting more attention lately in the media than any other happening in the United States.

It is the most watched race on television after the presidential race in 2016. The main actors are Doug Jones and respected Republican candidate Roy Moore.
The race is nearing its end, and many possibilities might happen. Take a look.
According to Everyday Conservative:
The Republican candidate Roy Moore might face a win despite the false allegations he got lately for sexual harassment. Apparently MSM came out with the results showing that Jones will win, saying that 99% of the votes are counted and the rest 1% can not make any difference.
But Moore have a reason to fight more. He is 22,000 votes behind his opponent, or roughly 1.5%, but it seems like military votes are not counted yet. If he can come to 0.5% behind his opponent, he might force a recount and invalidate the election.
Some people reported that the race might be invalid because of the Democratic group causing lawlessness actions. It’s a long story and Moore’s supporters have to believe in their candidate.
The Liberal media started celebrating their win, and it seems like they will end their celebration in the end. Many votes need to be counted and is yet unknown who will win the race.
Apparently the false accusations against Roy Moore played a major role in citizen’s opinions. However, all we can do is wait and hope that there will be fair voting until the end.
President Trump continued to support Roy Moore. We remember about the false accusations against Moore, and liberal puppets completed their job by lying and publishing fake news against Republicans. Recently Trump also faced this kind of false accusations, but luckily citizens didn’t bite it.
Looking forward to positive results from the Alabama race.
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