Republicans Hand Democrats A Compromise On DACA Deal, Democrats Immediately Decide To…

Every single politician must work equally hard to make Americans feel better and safer.

No matter if Democrats or Liberals or someone else, they must come up with a solution that suits every citizen’s rights.
Those that remain unwilling to do that, come out as the biggest losers in the whole thing. And they show why we shouldn’t vote for them in the first place.
According to My Right America:
Democrats are pretty active in the Congress lately, and especially when it comes to obstruction on every single agenda. Debates at Capitol Hill are really frustrating to watch, but at least party leaders are making an attempt to bring colleagues to the table to find a solution.
Well, you can guess who makes the problems – Democrats. The Daily Caller shares another example:
Top Democratic lawmakers dismissed Tuesday a compromise bill offered by Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley that would give protections to younger illegal immigrants in exchange for long-term immigration reform.

Grassley’s so-called SECURE Act would implement several policies long favored by conservative immigration reformers, most importantly the mandatory use of e-Verify and limits on family-based migration.
In return, the law would grant recipients of the now-cancelled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program relief from deportation and work authorization for three years.
Apparently the GOP members are happy to offer such a concession on DACA, believe it or not. We assume many are not and they are adult enough to realise what is wrong.

The Senate Democratic Whip, who is sponsoring a clean DACA amnesty bill, ripped Grassley and other GOP lawmakers supporting the SECURE Act.
“Neither Senator Cornyn nor Senator Grassley has ever voted for the Dream Act,” Durbin said in a statement, referring to his DACA bill.
“This proposal, as I have told them personally, cannot be considered a good faith effort to provide protection for the Dreamers, including those who were enrolled in DACA.”
We can not see any progress in future as soon as many politicians act like children in their offices. No matter which party you support, changes have to be made in near future.
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