Republican Governor Immediately Silences Every Anti-Trump Welfare Leech In His State

It seems that there is a pattern in the United States of  misuse of benefits.  Countless, perfectly capable people are spending their benefits on things that they shouldn’t be spent on. This also includes stamp fraud.
The stamp fraud is basically illegally selling food stamp  benefits for money which is then used for some other bad purpose like drugs or gambling. Some even make dishonest applications for benefits.
These people are most often unwilling to work, even if they are perfectly able to.
Government benefits that are meant to aid the poor and disabled people are instead used as a means of financing, lazy idle people and drug addicts. They are taking  things which are of vital importance to homeless people and orphans, to serve their healthy lifestyles.
However, Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker  plans to end as much of it as possible. He plans to make all people who take welfare in his state to submit to periodic check-ups for illegal drugs. In this way he ends at least one kind of misuse of welfare benefits. At least the Government will not be supporting drug addicts.
“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, whose pro-growth and pro-taxpayer reforms have transformed the Badger State into a magnet for jobs and opportunities, seeks to further rehabilitate his once-ailing state by implementing drug-testing for able-bodied food stamp applicants.”
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday :“‘Wisconsin’s Republican governor has submitted a plan to state lawmakers for drug testing able-bodied recipients of the state’s Food Share program,”
The report noted, “‘If the state Legislature doesn’t object within 120 days, the plan will go into effect, though it will take at least a year for actual testing to begin,’”
It will take some time to put this program in place, but this is something that should be done throughout the whole nation.
Nevertheless, the left will surely criticize this as an insensitivity for the impoverished, but we can prove that this isn’t the case.
“According to the Walker administration, the goal wouldn’t be to make life more difficult for those in need of food stamps, but rather to first identify recipients with substance abuse issues and then provide them with the help they need to recover. Why? Because most employers aren’t too keen on hiring drug abusers.”
Walker explained in a news brief released by his office, saying “‘Employers have jobs available, but they need skilled workers who can pass a drug test,’ adding  ‘This rule change means people battling substance use disorders will be able to get the help they need to get healthy, and get back into the workforce.’”
This makes far more sense than what liberals are claiming. This way impoverished drug addicts can be identified and sufficiently dealt with,  giving them the proper help they need to overcome their addictions and get back on track. Than, they can continue  to have a normal life with a  job of their own, instead of living of welfare.
It is an excellent plan, which may have a  few flaws now and then, but eventually in the long run does a lot more good than damage. We can just hope that more states will follow this example.


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