President Trump’s New Executive Order Will Send 8 Million Immigrants Back – DO YOU SUPPORT HIM?

President Trump is finally getting tough on illegal immigrants. Liberals are furious but forget that a large portion of Trump’s order simply tells law enforcement to enforce the laws on the books, the same ones Obama told them to ignore. President Trump’s orders allow immigration officials to deport all immigrants convicted of crimes, and on top of that all those that have not been charged yet but are suspected to have committed crimes with a good chance they will be charged. This order affects roughly 8 million people. The left estimates the number of illegal immigrants here is 11.1 million. Trump and his advisors put the number at 30 million. 

Trump’s numbers are far more accurate as they take into account money transferred back to Mexico and number of children in schools.

Trump’s numbers are far more accurate as they take into account money transferred back to Mexico and number of children in schools. The orders also crack down on illegal immigrants receiving welfare. The amount of money we spend on just welfare to people here illegally – meaning they are not eligible – is in the billions. Even the left admits this. The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti put the number at tens of billions when you include schools and health care. It’s a great deal for illegals. They get more money from welfare than they can get at a job at home. Think of that – they are told in Mexico and Honduras and the Philippines that if you can get to America you make this amount for doing nothing. It’s a fortune to these people – just the welfare so of course they want to come. And they have informal networks to trade food stamps, fake social security numbers and other documents. It’s literally organized crime on a massive scale that the democrats do not want to stop because they get votes from it. And I’m not talking about illegal votes – although they exist – I am talking about when these people become citizens or have children who are. All those votes are democrat. 

A White House Official said: “We’ve gone from a situation where ICE officers have no discretion to enhance public safety and their hands are totally tied, to allowing ICE officers to engage in preventative policing and to go after known public safety threats and stop terrible crimes from happening 


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