President Trump Just Pulled A Heroic Move That Had Putin Instantly Calling The White House

We are all aware of the relationship between the United States and Russia. They’ve been cold for years, but now, with President Trump on the lead, it seems like they’re getting kinda warmer.

The White House confirmed the information that on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Trump to thank  him.
There were speculations on Twitter that said that Putin called Trump “to thank him for a CIA tip that thwarted bombings,” and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed this.
The two of them also spoke on Thursday and as reported, Trump “thanked President Putin for acknowledging America’s strong economic performance”
Press Secretary Huckabee Sanders confirmed this information on her Twitter account, adding that the White House’ administration will give more information soon.
Check it out:
Can confirm @POTUS and President Putin spoke today. Readout from the WH coming shortly. 
“Can confirm @POTUS and President Putin spoke today. Readout from the WH coming shortly,” Sanders said in a tweet, in a respond to AP White House reporter Zeke Miller.
Here’s more:
The Associated Press reported that on Friday, the Russian authorities arrested seven people who are allegedly members of ISIS. As we’re finding out, the terrorists were planning attacks in St. Petersburg during the weekend.
The ISIS members were found in an apartment in St. Petersburg. The apartment was full with explosives, automatic weapons and extremist Muslim literature.
Russian authorities stopped the attack thanks to the CIA Director Mike Pompeo and President Trump who shared the information about the attack with President Putin.This is the kind of cooperation that all the countries should have in order to stop terrorism and other problems in the world. It is about time that we all unite in the fight against terrorism. This should serve as an example for other countries as well.
We need to help each other if we want to have World’ peace.
What do you think about Trump’s heroic move? Share your opinion below.

Featured Image Source H/T: America News Hub


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