President Trump Exposes Secret Investigation Of James Comey, Media Is Dead Silent

New sources are revealing fresh information about former FBI Director James Comey and his involvement in the probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails.
Apparently, the former FBI was under an investigation himself, at the time when he was conducting the investigation into Hillary’s servers. Comey was  investigated for a potential violation of the Hatch Act.
The Hatch Act is a law which prevents special officials from getting involved into political activities.
A recent report reveals that Senator Ron Johnson unraveled this investigation together with some other interesting news about another recently fired FBI official, Peter Strzok.
From Wall Street Journal  say that the Wisconsin Senator, from his perspective as chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, revealed two interesting instances this week. He received a letter from the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, on Wednesday, who gave him information that he had previously asked for.
The letter included some very important data. According to the Wall Street Journal “ The letter explains that the FBI was asked for text messages of certain key employees based on search terms, which turned up “a number of politically-oriented” Strzok-Page texts. The inspector general then demanded all of the duo’s text messages, which the FBI began producing on July 20.
This opens up a lot of questions like when did the FBI find out the first tranche? How long did the Bureau keep this information? and many more.
As far as Comey’s investigation is concerned, other shocking revelations have been made  this week .
Another letter from Johnson exposed how in November 2016,  the Office of Special Counsel began looking into the possible violation of the Hatch Act by Comey, while he was invastigating Clinton’s private server. For this purpose,  officials interrogated two of Comey’s confidantes: James Rybicki – FBI chief of staff and Trisha Anderson- FBI’s attorney.
Reportedly, Johnson asked for a “full, unredacted transcripts of the interviews,” but wasn’t given a permission to  see it.
The FBI willingly prevented Congress from getting the information without giving any sufficient reason.
They refused to let the Office of Special Counsel interview them without signing an unprecedented nondisclosure agreements, which gives the FBI authority to withhold information from Congress.  They kept insisting of hiding huge parts of the interview, names and actions of key politicians included.
However, Johnson is determined and is now persuading FBI Director Christopher Wray give up the information.
He demanded that Mr Wray authorizes the release of the full transcripts and other valuable documents, in his latest letter, from this week. He has managed to gather important information, even from redacted ones, such as Comey’s drafting of Hillary Clinton’s exoneration statement, before she was interviewed.
From Congress believe that the real version hols even more information on  the actions of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and key investigators such as Mr. Strzok.
Johnson has set up a deadline, until December 27, for the FBI to tell the truth. America has a right to know what happened with Comey’s investigations and something definitely stinks, since the Justice Department and the FBI are trying so hard to keep it from the public.
Featured Image Source : American News 24/7 


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