One State Just Squashed Thousands Of Welfare Leeches, And Obama Is Absolutely Livid

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Just when Obama thought it was safe to begin construction of his new Presidential Activist Center, one state throws another monkey wrench into the whole Obama Legacy works.
While Barack Hussein Obama was president, he had the dubious honor of creating a nanny state like no other with a record 44M people on welfare.
He was very proud of this, too, as Nancy Pelosi would later crow:
“Now all those unemployed and people on assistance will be able to spend more quality time with the family!”
Tennessee officials, however, have put the kibosh on a celebration for the Leftists to yelp about how great they were for creating such a dependent generation.
They are now reinstating a rule that says people who accept assistance are required to work for their benefits…oh, the humanity!
“…a full seven years after the crisis began and long after an easement of the worst privations had occurred, 42 states still had full or partial work-requirement waivers for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
Unfortunately for gravy-train riders in the great state of Tennessee, the Volunteer State will soon no longer be on that list.
According to The Tennesseean, Gov. Bill Haslam, a conservative Republican, announced this week that his state will reinstate the work requirements nearly a decade after they were waived.

As of Feb. 1, 2018, most Tennessee counties will require able-bodied adults who do not have dependents to work 20 hours a week at a job, getting education or training, or volunteering.

Recipients will have 90 days to comply with the new regulations once they take effect
‘When we hit record low unemployment three months in a row, then it comes a time to look around and say, are we doing everything the right way?
We looked at this and thought, it’s hard to justify a waiver.’
Approximately 58,000 food stamp recipients in Tennessee will be affected by the new requirements — and, if history is any indicator, that means the food stamp rolls are going to plummet.
The assistance rolls are already, as we speak, on a downward death spiral, thanks to the efforts of a president who believes in individual spirit and the motivation and integrity of self-preservation.
We’ve been puttering around for eight years under the impression that a US president was never going to act in our best interests.
But since the election of Donald Trump, welfare rolls are down, unemployment is down, and the stock market and the GDP is up.
We have a lot to celebrate!


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