Obama Strikes Trump! He Is Sabotaging The President By Going Right Behind His Back To…

You probably won’t remember this, but right after Trump was elected for President, Barack obama flew off to Canada and had a little “rendez-vous” with Justin Trudeau and then he went to Pennsylvania to make the mayors and governors to rise against Trump and his program.
And that’s not all, he also went to Europe briefly after Trump’s visit there. We can surely say that Obama’s visits were entirely about ego – nobody can handle to give his presidential spot to a man who had no experience in politics
If you look back in time, you can see that the only thing that Obama achieved during his mandate was the Obamacare- an organization that turned out to be catastrophic.
Wanting to get credit for good things only, Obama booked a trip to China, India and France in order to throw shadow on Trump.
Do you think that it is coincidence that the former president is visiting these countries?
I don’t think so, because Trump just visited Asia, and his daughter  Ivanka just got back from India where she took part at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit(GES)
Breitbart reported that Obama started his trip in Tuesday in Shangai where he had meetings and spoke at a trade summit, while on Wednesday he left for Beijing where he  also spoke at an education summit and met with Xi.
He also went to  New Delhi to meet with Modi, and  he will speak at an Obama Foundation Town Hall and at the HT Media Leadership Summit as well.
Trump’s closeness with Xi Jinping made Obama worried because in the eyes of China, he took the credit for most lethargic president ever and the current President is the “golden boy” for the U.S. economy.
It looks like Obama intends on stuffing stories on entrepreneurialism in the States because that’s exactly what Ivanka Trump did on her recent visits.
Then there’s France- the most complex one of them all. The Socialism here is on glass feet because of the disagreements between France’s leader, Macron, and Obama’s dear friend Angela Merkel- a situation that nobody has seen for ages.
Don’t you think that it is unusual for ex-president to have meetings with world leaders while a president from the opposing party is still in function?
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