Obama Deep State Crony Being Called In To Testify Before Congress Publicly — It’s About Time

The recent appointment of the former FBI director Robert Mueller, as special counsel to investigate alleged connection between President Trump and Russia has been concerning the American people.
The fact that this case is going to be a highly politicized one is no secret. However, the issue is that it looks like Mr. Mueller isn’t worried about impartiality and how conflict of interest might look like.
It  was reported that, Mueller  had stacked his staff of lawyers with the ones who donated to Hillary’s campaign. This is not a proof of any bias but it would have been a smarter move if he would’ve looked for members who weren’t engaged in the election.
Another thing is, how close he, and the former FBI director Come, were which can also be observed somewhat critically.
In response to these issues, Congressman Babin invited him to appear before committees of the two houses of Congress in order to testify, concerning any possible  conflicts of interest and how far the investigation can go.
He issued a letter to be signed by other representatives so that it can be further distributed to the appropriate committee chairmen in the House and Senate.
As we learn from The Daily Caller :“Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin is asking for congressmen to sign onto a letter requesting that special counsel Robert Mueller appear publicly in a congressional hearing” 
They also  report that:
“Mueller, who is investigating Russian election interference and possible ties between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign, has come under intense criticism from allies of President Donald Trump for hiring attorneys who have donated to Democratic candidates and for his personal relationship with former FBI Director James Comey. Trump himself has called Mueller’s employment of Democratic donors ‘ridiculous,’ yet he maintains that he has no plans to dismiss the special counsel.”
 The fact is that it looks like Muller is just welcoming criticism with arms spread wide, by hiring these Hillary Clinton supporters to serve on his staff of attorneys, and they can remain to be a permanent unit, that will continue at least until the end of Trump’s tenure. And it’s not just Babin who is criticizing this move.
According to the Daily Caller :
“Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks recently said that Mueller is in ‘clear violation’ of federal law due to his reported friendship with Comey and added that due to this conflict of interest Mueller has to resign.”
Frank has an even stronger opinion and from the looks of the investigation, he has a point. If Mr. Comey is revealed to be a target of the investigation, serious questions can be raised when you consider his and Muller’s close relationship.
In other words Muller cannot be expected to go after his own close friend as he would if it were the case of another stranger.
This investigation can very easily turn into a media circus, and that’s why impartiality of its’ utmost dimensions must be reached. And from the looks of it, Muller has a lot of work to do, to reach this state.
If the hearing does show that he indeed has a political agenda, or is unable to maintain his impartiality in the workplace, then by all means he would be required to step down from his job.


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