Muslim Migrants Are Fleeing The Country Like The Plague, And All It Took Was 1 Simple Change

There has been a very subtle shift in the politics of Europe over the past two years, facilitated by a very eager cross-section of leaders in the 28 member states to absorb fantastically disproportionate numbers of Asian and African refugees. The numbers range from the thousands into the millions, but they have been repudiated by growing numbers of Europeans, despite the constant drumbeat that Europeans want to welcome more Muslims.

The leaders of these nations have been operating on the false premise that their populations have been waning and they need an urgent intervention in the form of a massive influx of immigrants, whether they fit with society or not. This is not sitting well with many of their citizens who have been rejecting this notion that they must accept these foreigners without vetting.
Not long ago, Austria took up a very controversial law regarding refugees and migrants. The law demanded that those who wanted to remain in the country had to assimilate with Austrian culture and language. A ban on burqas and niqabs was also put into place for public places. The wearing of the veils in public would result in $176 in fines. This was apparently too much to bear and the Muslims are now reportedly departing Austria in record numbers!
Mad World News:
While Europe saw the refugee crisis as an opportunity to embrace tolerance and cultural diversity, millions of Muslims saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make Hijrah, the religious compulsion to spread Islam and Sharia law through migration. As we have warned, the majority of Muslims refuse to integrate, establishing homogeneous enclaves in which they adhere to and enforce Sharia law.
However, as their tiny minority grows through ceaseless migration and a much higher birth rate, they become a powerful force for the implementation of Sharia law as well as inherent terrorism. This is exactly why one determined country passed monumental yet simple legislation that has many in their devout Muslim community reportedly leaving for more submissive parts of Europe.
Austria is reporting an exodus of veil-wearing Muslims and their families after passing a law that requires migrants to sign an “integration contract,” which includes prohibiting them from wearing the burqa and niqab and requires them to take courses in German language and Western values. Although Austria created the legislation to ensure that Muslim migrants will prove their identities in public and respect the country’s laws, they have discovered welcomed side effects, which includes the willful evacuation of devout Muslims who refuse to assimilate.
The controversial legislation comes just months after Austrian Parliament approved a series of measures that requires asylum seekers to learn German, complete a year-long course in assimilating to European culture, and take part in charity work to give back the community that is taking them in.
Additionally, migrants in Upper Austria had their monthly benefits reduced from $1030 to $580 in a bid to encourage them to obtain employment, as the majority never gain full-time jobs.
After these changes were established, Austria witnessed something incredible — the migration rate dropped substantially. Austria continued to thwart welfare abuse by migrants and encouraged those who wanted to live in their country to also adopt their values, just like they would be expected to do in an Islamic country.
Earlier last week, when President Trump re-posted videos sent to him from Britain First, the Fake News Industrial Complex had a fit. They accused the group of being “far-right” and claimed that their films were racist overviews and falsified stories. However, as time and proof revealed, the European invasion by Muslim migrants and refugees was real and the so-called no-go zones for Whites did exist.
These “no-go zones” were ghettoes where thousands of Muslims were massed and who refused to speak the language nor to follow basic laws. Britons in their own country were being told that they could not enter those areas. Austria is the first to have taken legal action and probably won’t be the last, especially if the reactions by the Muslims is to leave the countries in “droves.”


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