McConnell Betrays Trump—He Just Gave Millions From Social Security To…

There was a huge discussion about the new tax reforms from President Trump.

However, those who were against it didn’t quite understand that it would only fix the terrible tax system from the previous administration.
Finally, the Congress passed this new tax bill.
As expected the Democrats are not quite happy with the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This will close the loophole that allowed the illegal aliens to take the child tax credit.
Despite the fact that they were without Social Security Number, these illegals could benefit from the previous law just by having an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
Rep. Luke Messer was responsible for the final fix of that issue. In the past, Kevin Brady passed the bill that had the language from Messer, that requested the credit claimant to include “the taxpayer’s Social Security number on the return of tax for such taxable year.” This bill would disable the opportunity for the illegals to exploit the tax system.
However, the Senate passed a bill, but the language was changed. The illegals still continued to exploit the system. A part of the bill from the Senate read: “No credit shall be allowed under this section to a taxpayer with respect to any qualifying child unless the taxpayer includes the name and Social Security number of such qualifying child on the return of tax for the taxable year.”
Many of the children from illegal aliens had Security Serial Number because they were born in the U.S. which are known as “anchor babies.” And there are the known “Dreamers” who are illegal aliens that have an SSN because of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), a program created by Barack Obama.
Fortunately, the benefit for the illegal aliens is finally ended. The illegals are protected significantly from the government. This needs to be ended. And it probably will if Trump continues to push for the bill.
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