LOVELY: Barron Has His Pick for The Presidential Dog

There is a well known tradition in the White House.

Every president has a different view on it.
Will the Trump family follow it?
It is known that the Trump family doesn’t own any pets. If the Trump family doesn’t get any pets, Donald Trump could become the first president in 150 years to not own a pet. However, this Tuesday Lois Pope, a prominent philanthropist that advocates veterans’ and animal causes stated that she is in a possession of a 9-week-old goldendoodle that will apparently become the first dog.
According to our source World Politicus, the Obama’s had two Portuguese water dogs named Bo and Sunny. And then an event happened that nobody seamed to talk about and the liberals ignored it. One of the dogs attacked a friend of Malia and Sasha. The liberals left this to be forgotten, but now they are angry for Barron bringing the first dog to the White House.
Many presidents had sons and daughters that lived outside the White House, this makes Barron the first presidential son after Kennedy’s. Barron didn’t have any pets in the Trump tower, but now he officially moved to the White House. The Washington Post reported that the Trump family might be the first family to now own a pet while living in the White House, but Pope claims different.
Pope said that when President Trump saw the dog he knew that Barron is going to love him. This is great! The boy will take a lot of pictures with the dog and play with him.
Scroll down below and leave a comment sharing your thoughts and opinions about this topic. Do you think the Trump family is going to own this Goldendoodle.


  1. I think that Barron should have a dog of his own, he has gone through so much
    grief from ignorant celebrities and and liberals , he needs a dog to be friends
    with and to love him. God Bless Barron and keep him safe.


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