Look What Obama Planted in Oval Office Before Leaving… This is CRIMINAL

No one expected this from former president Obama.

He’s gone so far that many still don’t believe in what they read, will this be his political end?
Take a look what he did in the White House just hours before leaving.
According to Conservative Post:
Obama promised a smooth transition of power to Donald Trump and his new administration. Apparently he lied, just like past 8 years. No one expected him to go this far, and acting like a little ‘baby crying’ for the defeat of Hillary.
Obama planted believe it or not, ‘moles’ in the White House to sabotage Donald Trump, said former top White House officials, who later confirmed the text.
“Former White House officials are coming forward with claims they were specifically told by Obama to leace a ‘clear trail of evidence’ for any future government investigations. An intelligence official also confirmed that in Obama’s last days in office, Obama was determined to keep the Russia issue alive, circulating the data as widely as possible.”
Hillary Clinton campaign manager confirmed the story that Obama wired Donald Trump and that is really shocking. Apparently Trump is right, both Obama and Hillary are huge criminals who belong behind bars.
The “data” these moles are referring to is stolen data that can obtained by wiretapping or spying on Trump and his team. It’s so frustrating when president of the United States that served the coutry for full 8 years, is doing such things as spying, and he should be aware that this is law-breaking and he might be prosecuted in future.
He should thank for the trust given from the people in the past 8 years, but instead he goes so low with his actions that he should be embaraced. Never more.
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