JUST IN: Mueller Running Scared As “Tens Of Thousands” Unlawfully Obtained, Courts Involved

Tens of thousands of emails” were unlawfully handed over to Robert Mueller’s Russian-chasing witch hunters, who didn’t even bother to issue a subpoena. Now, Mueller and his pack of rats are running scared, scrambling to control the damage as best they can, before Inquisitor Mueller himself is forced to take the witness stand. Just last week, lawyers for President Trump’s transition team learned how they had been back-doored” by the General Services Administration.
Saturday, Trump for America (TFA), the transition team overseeing the transfer between administrations, sent a letterto the chairmen of two powerful oversight committees. Hon. Ron Johnson, who sits on the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee, got one. Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform, received the other, explaining exactly what happened.
Gowdy’s office quickly released a statement, agreeing to consider the letter’s request for legislation to prevent similarabuses from happening in the future. Meanwhile, a Gowdy spokesman advised, “specific legal issues” raised in the letter need to be taken to court.

Mueller and his team ignored previous notification that the raw information was totally off limits. “Although the Special Counsel’s Office was aware that the GSA did not own or control the records in question, the Special Counsel’s Office has extensively used the materials in question, including portions that are susceptible to claims of privilege.” Mueller didn’t tell anyone he had the information either, he just leaked the “good” parts to the press, out of context.
As soon as team Trump learned, early last week, “that the Special Counsel’s office had received certain laptops and cell phones containing privileged materials, we initially raised our concerns with Brandon Van Grack in the Special Counsel’s Office.”
President Trump’s fourth amendment right to protection from unreasonable searches and seizures was egregiously violated this Summer. According to attorney Kory Langhofer, “career staff at the General Services Administration (GSA) have unlawfully produced TFA’s private materials, including privileged communications, to the Special Counsel’s Office.” Not only did the GSA hand over material that wasn’t theirs to pass out, the GSA knew they were not supposed to do it. After they did it, they kept quiet.
Van Grack lied. He confirmed “that the Special Counsel’s office had obtained certain laptops, cell phones, and at least one iPad from the GSA,” then got especially slimy. He told Langhofer that “the Special Counsel’s investigation did not recover any emails or other relevant data from that hardware.”
They didn’t have to, because they got all the emails from the GSA separately. Langhofer didn’t find out about that until the next day. “The Special Counsel’s Office had simultaneously received from the GSA tens of thousands of emails, including a very significant volume of privileged material.” Not only did Mueller have the data, it has already been woven into the investigation. “The Special Counsel’s Office was actively using those materials without any notice to the TFA.”
The Presidential Transition Act of 1963 clearly spells out that teams like TFA are “private and independent nonprofit” organizations. The GSA had a well-defined part to play in getting ready for Trump’s inauguration, outlined specifically in the required “Memorandum of Understanding” document
According to the contract, the GSA “provided suitable office space appropriately equipped with furniture, furnishings, office machines and equipment, and office supplies.” They also hosted the team’s email services, ensuring “any computers or communications services provided are secure.”
The contract specified, after the data served its intended purposes and was no longer needed, everything was to be destroyed. “Computing devices were to be restored to original settings and reissued to federal personnel and, to the extent that PTT records were not required for the winding down of TFA’s affairs, the PTT email archives were no longer to be preserved.”
Two months later, TFA became aware of “certain requests concerning PTT records” and “promptly instructed” the GSA to preserve all the records, and they were. “Preserving” the records and handing them out to third parties are two entirely different things.
A “series of emails and telephone calls” between TFA and GSA happened in early June. Richard Beckler, assisted by Lenny Loewentritt was in charge of the GSA’s legal team. By June 15, “this issue was resolved decisively.” After back and forth, “Mr. Beckler acknowledged unequivocally to TFA’s legal counsel, in the presence of Mr. Loewentritt, that TFA owned and controlled the PTT emails and data pursuant to the Presidential Transition Act, and that the GSA had no right to access or control the records but was simply serving as TFA’s records custodian.” Any requests to turn over the transition team records were to “be routed to legal counsel for TFA.”
Then, in August, Beckler went to the hospital and died soon after. While he was out and totally disabled, “The Special Counsel’s Office, through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), sent to the GSA two requests for the production of PTT materials.” The requests were in the form of letters, not official subpoenas. Loewentritt, who had been part of the June decision clarifying the records didn’t belong to GSA, “immediately produced all the materials requested by the Special Counsel’s Office. Without notifying TFA or filtering or redacting privileged material.”
Once witch smeller Mueller had his hands on the data, he didn’t waste any time putting it to good use. “Protected materials have been leaked to the press by unknown persons.” What was turned over seems to have been interestingly chosen. “Moreover, the leaked records have been provided to the press without important context and in a manner that appears calculated to inflict maximum reputational damage on the PTT and its personnel.”
Trump lawyers are now faced with a difficult decision, “an impossible choice between protecting its legal privileges by keeping its records confidential and waiving its privileges by publicly releasing records that counteract the selective leaks and misguided news reports.”


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