Judge Who Struck Down Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban Just BUSTED In Sleazy Sexual Scandal With Disturbing Twist

It’s exciting when the dirt cleans itself.
The new movement that is persistent to sweep the nation clean has unraveled a series of  criminal acts involving  powerful men, enrolled in various scandals about sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault.
The latest hit seems to involve a prominent Liberal jurist who has been discovered to have been a serial harasser.
Reports say that six former far left liberal Ninth Circuit clerks are claiming that, the liberal judge liberal Judge Alex Kozinski subjected them to sexual comments and inappropriate behavior.
Heidi Bond, one of the former Kozinski clerks, who had been in his service between the years of 2006 and 2007 has gone on the record with allegations that the judge summoned her alone to his chambers, on multiple occasions, so he can show her  pornographic material which was unrelated to any of their cases. He then kept on asking inappropriate questions like, if the images turned her on.
She recalls more than a few times, when her boss showed her porn, and describes the experiences as shocking and disturbing. She has written a disturbing first-person account of  the things that happened to her while working as  Judge Kozinski’s clerk where she also details Kozinski isolating her from her co-clerks to discuss his sexual history.
We have the full report from Washington Post about the accusation of Alex Kozinski for sexual misconduct.
From the Post say that, Judge Alex Kozinski of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, is under accusation from six women, all of whom are former clerks or externs in the 9th Circuit, to have been sexually harassed in the workplace on multiple occasions.
One of the women said that Judge Alex Kozinski called her  into his office several times and made her watch pornography on his computer, asking her whether she thought the material was photo-shopped or if it aroused her sexually.
Heidi Bond, was in Kozinski’s service from 2006 to 2007, and said the porn was not related to any case they were on.
She even described some of the things the judge made her see. Heidi remembered one set of images, which displayed  college-age students at a party where she says “some people were inexplicably naked, while everyone else was clothed.” Another was a sort of digital flip book that allowed users to mix and match heads, torsos and legs to create an image of a naked woman.
Heidi Bond is just one of the six women who alleged to The Washington Post in recent weeks that Kozinski, who is now 67 of age, and still serves as a judge on the court, subjected them to a range of inappropriate sexual conducts or comments. She, and one other woman reported that they were asked to view porn in his chambers by Kozinski.
Kozinski in his statement said: “I have been a judge for 35 years and during that time have had over 500 employees in my chambers. I treat all of my employees as family and work very closely with most of them. I would never intentionally do anything to offend anyone and it is regrettable that a handful have been offended by something I may have said or done.”
He gave this statement after The Post called and emailed a spokesman with a detailed list of the allegations included in this story. After the story was out, the judge told the Los Angeles Times, “I don’t remember ever showing pornographic material to my clerks” and, “If this is all they are able to dredge up after 35 years, I am not too worried.”
Kozinski worked as chief judge for the 9th Circuit  which is  the largest federal appeals court circuit in the country, and accusations from people who were harassed by him came from people who worked for him before Bond did (2006/2007) and after her, up to the year of 2012.
Bond testified that while working for judge Kozinski she was in her early 30’s and is now 41. When he asked her about photo-shopping, Bond said, she would focus on minor details of the images. And  when he asked if the images aroused her, Bond said, she would respond: “No, this kind of stuff doesn’t do anything for me. Is there anything else you need?”
Bond opened up :“I was in a state of emotional shock, and what I really wanted to do was be as small as possible and make as few movements as possible and to say as little as possible to get out,”
Heidi Bond and and another clerk of judge Kozinski, Emily Murphy chose to speak up and describe their experiences in on-the-record interviews, while the other four woman, chose to stay anonymous.
Murphy, who clerked for Judge Richard Paez, said Kozinski approached her when she was talking with a group of other clerks at a reception at a San Francisco hotel, in September 2012. They were having a discussion about  training regimens, and Murphy said she made a comment about the gym in the 9th Circuit courthouse and how she liked it because there was rarely anyone there. Then, according to Murphy and two other people present at the time, Kozinski said that, if that were the case , then she should  work out naked.  She, and the others present, tried to change the conversation, but the judge insisted on the topic.
Murphy says: “It wasn’t just clear that he was imagining me naked, he was trying to invite other people — my professional colleagues — to do so as well,” adding, “That was what was humiliating about it.”
She confirmed her account with an email from 2012 in which she told a mentor about what had happened at the time. Two of her friends who were then with her  also confirmed her statement. Similarly to her, Bond also provided emails showing that she told a friend what had happened.
Kozinski was previously accused of being embroiled in controversies related to sexually explicit material.
The Los Angeles Times revealed in 2008  that the judge had maintained an email list to which he used to send crude jokes, some of which were sexually themed. He also had a publicly accessible website that contained pornographic images.
The investigation ultimately concluded that  Kozinski did not intend to allow the public access, but he and his son were careless in protecting a private server from being accessible on the Internet.
According to  a report from the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3 Circuit, Kozinski said that he used the server to keep a variety of items he received by email, including TV commercials, video clips, cartoons, games and song parodies. As for the sexually explicit files he said,: “Some I thought were odd or funny or bizarre, but mostly I don’t have a very good reason for holding onto them. I certainly did not send them to anyone else or ask anyone to send me similar files,”
Kozinski also testified that he “does not visit and has no interest in pornographic websites,” according to Scirica’s report. He issued a separate apology for any embarrassment he had caused in maintaining the email list and said he had stopped sending the jokes.
Further, Bond testified that  either  Kozinski or his administrative assistant reached out to her around the time of the news reporting on his private server, to ask her if she would be willing to defend his character. She wrote to Ortega about the inquiry in 2008, according to emails the women shared with The Post, and Ortega responded that it “sounds like a very bad idea to me.”
Ortega wrote:“I know he brought you into his office to show you porn, I know he made sexual innuendos to you. I know this because you told me so in DC, and you even used the words sexual harassment.You said you would warn off other women thinking of clerking for him. And if there’s a woman out there he harassed worse than you, do you really want to be pitted against her? Because that’s what it would be. I’m worried that this is what he’s asking you to do — to be the female, intelligent face of his defense and make whoever it is accusing him look like a stupid slut, and then he hopefully never has to actually address those allegations.”
The Post reached out to dozens of Kozinski’s former clerks and externs for this report, and some of them said that their experienced no harassment. But, those who talked to The Post about negative experiences said that they thought his behavior went beyond bad jokes.
A former Kozinski extern reported  a situation in which the judge made a comment about her hair and looked her body up and down as she said “in a less-than-professional way.”, also he once talked with her about a female judge, stripping.
She said “I didn’t want to be alone with him,”
Another extern reported at least two conversations “that had sexual overtones directed at me,”.
A former clerk reported yet another incident that happened at a dinner in Seattle, where she was seated next to Kozinski, when he as she says  “kind of picked the tablecloth up so that he could see the bottom half of me, my legs.” After which he said “I wanted to see if you were wearing pants because it’s cold out.”
She says“It made me uncomfortable, and it didn’t seem appropriate,”
None of the women filed  a formal complaint at the time. Bond said Kozinski worked his clerks so hard that “there was no thought that I could see him as anything other than in complete control,”. Plus, there was the fear that a bad recommendation from him might  ruin her whole career.
Murphy also said that she feared what he might do and knew that a complaint was unlikely to strip him of his influence. She said “I was afraid. I mean, who would I tell? Who do you even tell? Who do you go to?”
As a Judge he had addressed the topic of sexual harassment in important ways on multiple occasions, advocating for the “boundaries of propriety”, which makes it all the more disgusting  and sickening.
However, what else can be expected from a judge from the 9th circuit court that is known for its radical far left agenda leanings. With these types of women treatment it’s no wonder they want Muslims Refugees in this nation.
There are far too many liberal men accused of sexual misconduct. They’ve turned our judiciary system into  brothels to satisfy their twisted perverse fantasies.
Share this story with everyone to  raise awareness on sexual misconduct.


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