Deep State Rats Go Into Hiding After Trump Blows Them Away With ‘Secret Sting Operation’

President Donald Trump knew all along about the conspiracy that went behind his back. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch headed a group of “puppets”who worked for them within the FBI and DOJ to try to destroy  him.
But Trump has had enough of their games, so he put them silent with his  “secret sting operation.”
Rep. Jim Jordan has shared an information that could only come from a “secret sting operation” that President  Trump helped to maintain. Although most Americans have heard of the Robert Mueller investigation, many of them are not aware of another investigation that’s going on by the  DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz.
As a President, Trump has the right to ask the DOJ to stop or start an investigation. So now, when he found out about the rats such as Obama, Hillary, Lynch and Comey, he’s coming for them with the help of  DOJ Inspector General Horowitz.
The Conservative Treehouse explains the sting operation,  “Remember, the OIG investigation [Trump’s sting operation] is specifically looking at actions taken, or actions not taken, by DOJ and FBI officials that reflect specific evidence of politicization by the leadership within each agency (James Comey, FBI and Loretta Lynch, DOJ), and/or their subordinates writ large.”
In other words, Trump’s operation- the OIG investigation, is investigating the DOJ and the FBI, and their actions while under Obama’s leadership. He wants to know if any personal politics were played in order to knock him down.  We’re all aware that there were dirty games, but now now  we finally have the actual evidence.

All along, Trump was outsmarting these ‘deep state rats’ as they launched their forged investigation with Robert Mueller. You may have heard about FBI investigator Peter Strzok who was on Mueller’s team and caught sending anti-Trump texts to his mistress, FBI attorney Lisa Page.
When the President read the incriminating texts, he knew that it was time to let America know what’s going on in our country and to tell them about  his sting operation.
The texts, information about FBI agent Bruce Ohr meeting with Fusion GPS who wrote the fake Russian Dossier, his wife Nellie Ohr who worked at Fusion GPS and assigned to create the Russian Dossier, all that evidence came from Trump’s sting operation.
Dozens of names who were working against the President are now out  in the air. The evidence to put these traitors to jail are finally in the right hands
These corrupted agents and attorneys reported to Comey and Lynch, who reported to Obama. Now they have fire under their feet, and they don’t know where to hide. In the meantime, the mainstream media refuses to report any of this.
Rep. Jim Jordan was to first who spoke about  Trump’s sting operation in an interview with Lou Dobbs.  Yesterday, after the Rod Rosenstein interrogation, Jordan stated that “the next move is to put each of the named people in front of Congress for questioning.”  Or, the next step is to get these traitors under oath, tape their confession and put them to prison all together.
Jordan and Lou Dobb’s interview gave us all the information we need. The Ohio representative ends with admitting they will all go behind bars.
The truth is finally out. Comey and Lynch are the ones behind the fake Russian Dossier, and Hillary is the one who payed for it. Jordan says that there are evidence that they used the dossier to get the FISA warrants to bug Trump’s campaign.
The text that proved that Strzok is against President Trump was sent on August 15th, 2016 after Trump got the nomination. He sent the following message to his mistress Lisa Page :
I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office [referring to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe] — that there’s no way [Trump] gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”
Strzok is saying that he can’t let Trump win the elections, but if he did, he says that he already has a plan to end his career. It looks like that plan was the fake Russian Dossier. He aimed for the President but he missed, so now he’ll get what he deserves.
America “smelled” the set-up from the beginning. Now, when the evidence that Trump’s innocent are out in the air, we can finally sleep peaceful. The traitors will get what they earned, the President will take care of it.
Everyday, the U.S. system is disappointing us with these kind of people. But fortunately, this will soon come to an end. The government and the administration will soon be rats-free.
Once again, Trump proved that he really is  what America needs.


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