BREAKING NEWS: Rogue FBI Agent Just Explained How ‘Corrupt’ Agents Tried To Take Trump Out – His Life Is Now In Danger

It is known that the Democrats want to destroy our President.

They will do anything to put him down no matter what.
They even made deals with the FBI.
It turns out that the FBI was paid by the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to wiretapping the Trump Tower. Donald Trump believed that the Obama Administration and their operatives ordered the wiretapping of the Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential election.
According to our source, Freedom Daily, the FBI replied by taunting him with a provided proof and it seems like there is one. During Christopher Way’s testimony, the FBI Director, he had an interesting back and forth with the Florida Republican Representative Ron DeSantis that contained major revelation as to the validity of President Trump’s claim. He asked if the “Trump dossier” was used as a base for wiretapping the Trump Tower under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy our president.

“Guess who says the FBI used the fake Trump dossier to justify opening the Russia investigation
Let’s make sure we’re caught up here: We know that in 2016, the FBI launched an investigation into whether the Trump campaign was in cahoots with the Russian government to influence the election. And we know that as part of this investigation, the FBI convinced a FISA court to wiretap Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.
Remember when Trump said Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped, and everyone said Trump was making it up? Manafort lives in Trump Tower. Trump was telling the truth.

But the more important question is whether the FBI used bogus information to persuade the FISA court to approve the wiretap. We’ve been speculating here for some time that the now-infamous Trump dossier prepared by former British spy Christopher Steele – which has been widely discredited – was a part of the FBI’s case for the wiretap of another Trump advisor, Carter Page – possibly a significant part.
Is that true?
In the summer of 2016, according to the Washington Post, the FBI convinced a special Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that there was probably ause to believe that Trump advisor Carter Page was acting as a Russian agent, and they received a warrant to monitor his communications. The FBI also began investigating a dossier prepared by a well-respected British spy that contained explosive and salacious allegations about compromising information the Russians had on Trump.
Note how Hillary makes reference to all this as if she had nothing to do with it. Classic. When she wrote the book, she obviously didn’t know it would later become public knowledge that her campaign helped pay for the dossier, so she probably figured she could pretend to be disinterested third party simply making reference to something in the news. Lucky for her not many people will read her vomit-inducing book. Unlucky for her, you now know this part is in there.

You think the Democrats are still happy they insisted on starting this Russia investigation?” Canada Free Press reported.
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