And today’s feel-good story of the day comes all the way from down in Theodore, Alabama. One of most, if not the most, right wing leaning states of the union.
Today, we got a story that comes from Theodore, Alabama. What we found out left us all shook!
Michael Irving, a 62-year-old Marine Corps veteran told us his story of how he saved his own life. Last Thursday, around afternoon, Irving heard a knock on his door and went to see who was on his porch. Three people were standing in front of his door, and when he came close, they shot him through his door window.
They used a 12 gauge gun, loaded with buckshot which is used for hunting deer. This kind of ammunition is not as deadly to people, luckily for Irving.
After he was shot, he immediately reached for his gun and aimed towards the three criminals. First, he shot the gunman and when one of the other two thugs reached for the gun, Irving shot him too.
The second attacker that Irving shot begged not to be shoot at again, but when he hesitated to put down his gun, Irving shot him again. The third attacker was a woman who tried to shot Irving with her handgun, but fortunately it was jammed, so she received a bullet too. Exciting afternoon for this Marine, huh?
Fox 10 Reports:

“I didn’t want to have to kill ’em”  the Veteran said while he was explaining about what happened.

A Marine Corps veteran is telling FOX10 News how he saved his life during this event.
The victim is 62-year-old Michael Irving who is an ex marine and currently battling colon cancer . FOX10 News Reporter Devan Coffaro interviewed him once he was released from the hospital Friday afternoon.
“I didn’t even know them,” said Irving. “Why me? Why shoot me?”
As Irving entered his home, he still couldn’t believe what happened. There was still blood and bullet holes in his house.
For him, this happening was almost unreal. He started telling us the story that started with a single tap on his door.
“I walked right here to open the door, and that’s when he shot me right there. They cut loose on me, and that’s when I went to the cabinet here and back behind the coffee was an old time pistol,” said Irving. “I opened the door and smoked ’em.”
Mobile County Sheriff’s deputies revealed the identities of the attackers.  Chasatie Dulabhan, Casey Ray Gann, and Joseph Heathcock were the ones who pulled the trigger on Irving. Police say it was an attempted robbery, and the robbers  chose the wrong house. Irving managed to shoot and injure all three of them.
“I tried not to shoot any of them in the chest. I didn’t want to have to kill ’em.”
Two of the suspects ran away and left one woman behind, but they didn’t make it very far. They had to stop at a Dollar General two miles away and wait for medical help. All three suspects were first hospitalized for their injuries and then arrested.
As for Irving, he’s being called a local hero for defending himself. Even though he was all alone and has been battling colon cancer for the past two years, he managed to take down the three burglars. He says you never mess with a former Marine.
“I learned that in the Marine Corps – ‘react and do’ before you get scared,” said Irving.
He was robbed a few weeks back, targeted for his cancer medication. Deputies say that these two robberies were connected and believe that the first one was committed by at least one of these three thugs.
After the first incident, Irving set up  Plexiglass on his door — and he believes that it probably saved his life.
“Where the bullet hole is, you can see how thick that glass is and that’s what saved me, because it slowed down the buckshot enough.”
Irving says some greater force was watching over him.
“If I hadn’t of moved just a little bit, it would have hit me in the chest and sternum and caught me in the heart.”
All three suspects are currently in Metro Jail.
So far, only Heathcock and Gann have faced the  court. Heathcock is charged with robbery, assault 2nd, and shooting into an occupied building. Gann is charged with robbery. Dulabhan is charged with burglary, robbery, assault 2nd, and shooting into an occupied building.
Authorities reported that they’re looking for a possible fourth suspect. They suspect that the three burglars had a getaway driver.
The suspects are confirmed to be 19-year-old Joseph Heathcock, 29-year-old Casey Ray Gann, and  24-year-old Chasatie Dulabhan who is still in the hospital with none life threatening injuries.
What we can learn from this story is not to mess with a U.S. Marine! No matter the age – once a Marine, always a Marine. They sure learned how to take care of themselves when they once protected the whole nation!


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