BREAKING NEWS From Los Angeles… TRUMP Said HELL NO!!! This is HUGE!

The time has finally come. Trump, together with his Attorney General Jeff Sessions is fulfilling his promise of making America great again.
Newest information shows that the LA Police Department has been denied $3 billion in government help for so called law enforcement purposes.
Official statement has not yet been made, to give the reasons for why the federal funding was denied, but  it’s evident that it has something to do with LA’s status as a sanctuary city.
From The Gateway Pundit, say that LA officials applied for more than 3 million dollars, government funding, to help bring a program in a South LA neighborhood that was scared from violence.
However, the request was immediately denied without any sufficient explanation. The Department of Justice gave no reason to the LAPD for why they didn’t provide the  $98 million in grants which were recently awarded to scores of law enforcement agencies across the nation.
Some LAPD officials have complained that the threats of the Trump’s administration to give no financial aid to cities that do not cooperate with his immigration policy is a terrifying step and it can bring no good.
The president of the civilian Police Commission,  Steve Socoroff gave his comment on the topic, expressing his belief that the funding request was denied due to LAPD’s well-publicized, hands-off approach to immigration enforcement. He also stressed his fear from being deprived from financial aid in the future as well.
Soboroff says:  “Community policing is what policing’s all about. Militaristic policing, immigrant harassment is not,” adding “By ignoring that, or prioritizing it beneath their issue of sanctuary cities and cooperation with ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] — the priorities are wrong.”
Concluding : “If this is the tip of the iceberg, we’re going to set back law enforcement and policing and public safety by decades”
The LA Police Department needed the money to hire new 25 officers for the community policing program in one of the deadliest neighborhoods in LA. Just last year, this area witnessed, 8 homicides. And this year, so far 6 murders were committed.
The LA Mayor,  Eric Garcetti is an open opponent to Trump’s MAGA agenda. According to a article he said “We will defend any undocumented worker who’s going to be deported,” in a recent interview. And this is not just a figure of speech, in December a $10 million fund was revealed in LA just for this purpose, to provide provide legal counsel to residents facing deportation.
Los Angeles and Orange counties are housing 10% of all countries illegal immigrants, that is approximately 1 million undocumented immigrants.
Jim McDonnell, Los Angeles County Sheriff said he was afraid of losing loads of money  because of his countries habit of housing illegal immigrants.
He filed letters to 4 cities, two of which in California  urging them to step up their efforts in preventing and deporting illegal immigration. He even threatened to deny  federal aid if they don’t  obey.
According to federal officials targeted cities like Stockton, San Bernardino, Baltimore and Albuquerque, New Mexico, all expressed interest in the Justice Department’s new Public Safety Partnership.  This program aims to provide federal assistance to finding out solution how to minimize the crime.
One should not forget that Ls Angeles is the hometown of the most vicious gang on earth known as MS-13. So far the LAPD  has been either unwilling or unable to do anything to prevent crime in the city, silently watching as gangs tore it apart. It’s not money that they need. They just need to start doing their jobs. American Citizens safety should come first before anything else.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. Illegal Aliens sneak into our country, and steal our jobs, and on top of that they commit crimes which further inflict pain on our citizens, and nobody is doing anything to stop this.


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