BREAKING: He Just Called For Trump’s Life And Proved He’s Prepared To Kill Him – Won’t Stop!

Army of Mohammad would be returning.

A threat to everyone who’s not Muslim.
Because Mohammad is a Muslim prophet. And Muslims are not very keen towards Christians.
Even when they’re leaving in their country.
Remember the event where the activist group the Muslim Brotherhood declared war on America through media? Just one day after, another Islamic psycho detonated a pipe attached to his body in New York City. The Muslim Brotherhood has been quietly blending into our society for 30 years and it’s a practice they’ve learned in the previous regime – infiltrate and blend, then react. But, they’re not the only ones to blame. Obama obviously saw what was going on, but didn’t want to react. It’s only the future of the USA that’s going to be jeopardized, nothing much…
Our source Freedom Daily reveals the identity of one Brotherhood agent Nidal Sakr, a South Florida resident. He claims that in short time, President Trump will be executed by their people. Further more specific details report Frontpage Magazine:
“On October 19th, from a location in Huntington Beach, California, Nidal Mohamed Sakr issued the following in a tweet about Donald Trump: “Get rid of sob. impeach or else!!!!!”
The next day, Sakr reiterated his threat with even more obscenity. He tweeted, “get rid of the mf. impeach or else!!!!!” Ten days later, on October 30th, Sakr dropped the warning and outright called for the death of President Trump. He tweeted, “execute sob traitor,  Donald Trump.”
Continuous threats openly showed to the highest political figure in our country. Someone surely should react!

Obama even figured out how to get one of his Muslim Brotherhood specialists (Dina Habib Powell) an occupation in Trump’s organization.
After this chain of events, the coup d’etat of Obama. The hidden hand of previous government should be cut off once and for all!
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