BOMBSHELL Evidence How CIA Made Obama A US Citizen – DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!

Dennis Montgomery is looking forward to become the new Edward Snowden.
The Former US Intelligence contractor left with more than 600 million classified documents from both CIA and NSA.
Now he holds millions of identities of American people, and one of the most important is Obama’s birth certificate.
According to Freedom Daily:
Montgomery released information that CIA hacked into Hawaiian Department of health records and searched about Barrack Obama. Apparently these attacks started when Obama won the first mandate back in November 2008, and continued trough January 2011.
Back in 2013 Montgomery created a database with big amount of electronic surveillance database which later gave to Michael Zullo, formerly the commander and chief investigator of the Cold Case Posse (CCP).
Montgomery filed suit against many agencies like NSA, DOJ, FBI and several other for illegal conducted surveillance of millions of American citizens for years. The victims were mostly Americans such as the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, other justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen, and others such as Donald J. Trump.
As Zullo said:
“Montgomery also traced the IP data paths of the breached servers and discovered on a number of occasions information was sent from the breached Hawaii computers, only to be routed to a server located in Jakarta, Indonesia.”

About Obama’s birth he said:
“Queens Hospital was the hospital originally named by the Obama family as the birth hospital, but when it developed that Queens did not have records of Obama’s birth, the family shifted to story to claim Obama was born at Kapiolani Hospital. Queens Hospital quickly reported publicly that Obama was not born in their hospital. The admission of Queens Hospital that no birth record existed presented a serious problem for the already belabored Obama birth narrative. Kapiolani refused to comment neither confirming nor denying Kapiolani Hospital was Obama’s birth hospital.
To date, Kapiolani has not produced a single shred of evidence that any original birth records exist, nor has Kapiolani Hospital ever produced any supporting documentation or released any information that proves Stanley Ann Dunham was a patient at Kapiolani in August 1961 who gave birth to a son, Barack Obama, supposedly born on Aug. 4, 1961.”
He went further to explain:
“The Obama birth certificate information was included in the information Montgomery turned over to the FBI. The FBI has done nothing with Montgomery’s information for more than two years.
That’s when the White House released to the public via the internet a computer-generated PDF File of a purported Long-Form Birth Certificate claiming to be a copy of Obama’s birth records located in the Hawaii Department of Health vault on April 27, 2011.
What the White House released was not a physical hard copy document. It was not a copy of any verified authentic document, it was absolutely nothing. It was a computer-generated PDF file containing a copy of something that had its metadata erased from the electronic file, making it impossible to determine origin and authenticity of the file. This PDF file cannot be relied on as proof a birth event in any legal setting. It is not paper, it was created in cyberspace and resides in a computer.  On April 27, 2011, Obama showed the nation and the world absolutely nothing.”


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