Bernie Sanders Is Going DOWN After Wife BUSTED in Major Bank Fraud Scheme – Hope She Enjoys Prison!

Liberals just can not stop lurking president Trump and his successful running in the White House.

Their actions are only exposing the criminals which were done by themselves. One of the old wolves who showed in the media lately is Bernie Sanders.
Bernie and his family are example how politicians shouldn’t work. Take a look at this.
According to Freedom Daily:
Bernie’s wife Jane received a loan of ten million dollars while she was running the Burlington College. FBI immediately started an investigation, but now Grand Jury is making the move which will smack down Bernie and his attempt to run against Trump in 2020.
According to Judicial Watch, Jane Sanders, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ wife, is facing detail federal investigation, as Judicial Watch obtained their records. The FBI investigation started during the Obama’s administration. They are accusing Jane for falsifying documents to obtain a $10 million loan to expand a now-defunct liberal arts college.
Fox News reports that chances for Sanders to run in 2020 are smaller and smaller as FBI announced that he had been involved in a bank fraud. Unfortunately for him, Trump’s Justice Department isn’t so soft as Obama’s and the investigation is being handled at the discretion of Christina E. Nolan.
Politico reported similar statement adding his step-daughter who announced on Monday, her plans to run for her stepfather’s first political job: mayor of Burlington, Vt.

The question goes, Where did the money go if the school is defunct? Should we check their bank account, or maybe check their driving park, or even maybe get the list of their new properties all across U.S.?
This would surely ruin Bernie’s plans to run in 2020 against Trump.
Someone must give an explanation, and someone must answer the questions. Will we see Bernie and his wife behind bars? We should of course, and it remains to see.
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