24Hrs After Dem Leader Arrested Outside Capitol His Scandalous Wife Busted In Bigger Crime – Prison Will Be HARSH

A flood of scandals.

Sexual misconduct, terroristic alliances, news shams…
All in all, Washington has lately been so dirty, it’s a serious question if it’s gonna be washed and clean ever again!
Our source, Freedom Daily, this time reports a story about a fraud investigation, involving Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez and his wife Soraida. After the details of their usage of campaign funds came out, Gutierrez has been arrested.
The Washington Free Beacon has more details on this story: “Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez (Ill.), who announced last week that he will not seek reelection after spending 24 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, will no longer be able to pay his wife hundreds of thousands of dollars from campaign funds once he officially departs from Congress.
Soraida Gutierrez, his wife, has collected more than $430,000 from Gutierrez for Congress, Luis’s campaign committee, since 2010. Soraida is the top recipient of expenditures this year.”
Yet, over that the couple has taken many thousands in giving from their dependable supporters to use for their very own pickup.

“Gutierrez’s campaign committee has reported $77,838.69 in operating expenditures from the beginning of January to the end of September. Soraida has received seven checks for $6,000 each—or $42,000 total—during this time, meaning that she has collected more than half of his campaign’s disbursements.
The second largest expenditure from Gutierrez’s campaign this year is a $22,000 donation to the Puerto Rican Relief Fund, which is not included in the committee’s operating expenditures total, but is rather marked under other disbursements.”
But, this was not the first time that Soraida has been the most benefiting person from her better half’s crusade. Starting her help in the campaign back in 2010, she was given a “small part of the portion“. Through the years, she has managed to learn to cherish her hard work and making it pay even three to four times the starting price!
What do you think of this chain of events? What is the connection and the hidden agenda here?
Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.


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