Rush Limbaugh Just Caught Roy Moore’s Accuser in Huge Lie & Proved Moore’s Innocence

Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh discussed the alleged sexual harassment of Beverly Young Nelson by Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore in 1978.
Nelson alleges that Moore offered to drive her home from her job one evening but instead took her to a “dark, deserted” area of a parking lot where he began to grope her and tried to force her “head onto his crotch.”
The woman said that she was unable to escape the car because the doors were locked and she could not unlock them from the inside.
Rush Limbaugh found this to be odd since this is the way child locks work in cars, to protect the child from being able to open a door while the car is moving. The only problem with Nelson’s account is that child locks weren’t mandatory in cars until the early 1980s and the woman says the incident occurred in 1977.
LIMBAUGH: “Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is denying that he ever met the woman who on Monday accused him of sexually assaulting her in a diner parking lot in 1977 when she was an underage teenager, calling her allegations ‘absolutely false,’ despite his apparent signature in her high school yearbook. ‘I can tell you without hesitation this is absolutely false. I never did what she said I did. I don’t even know the woman.
This is 1977? Somebody tell me: In 1977, were there child locks on the door? In other words, could the driver push a button that would make sure all windows and doors could not be opened? Was that present in 1977, because she says she couldn’t get out. But did child locks…? Were they in 1977 vehicles. I’m trying to remember what I had in 1977. I had a Pontiac… Well, it was a pretty big Pontiac. The car I had didn’t have them in there. But I didn’t drive every car that’s out there. You know, the button on the driver’s side where you can flip it and nobody can open a door.
It’s to protect kids from opening windows and doors when the car is moving. But if that wasn’t present… (interruption) Child-locking mechanisms have been required since 19… (interruption) Contained…? (interruption) Okay. They’ve been in the automobile since the early eighties. They’ve been required, is that what you’re saying? Required in automobiles since the early eighties? Cars have been built with the feature, not required. Cars began to be built with the child lock feature in the early eighties.
So it might be safe to assume that the door she was sitting next to she could have unlocked it, unless Roy Moore had a special custom lock called the female anti-escape lock on the passenger side of the front seat of his car. Well, she says she’s being overpowered. His hands are around her neck. Isn’t that right?”
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