President Trump has called Obama “the worst president in U.S. history! He Should Leave Our Country” Do You Agree With Trump ?

Just over two hours remain in the most disastrous presidency in American history, but our long national nightmare won’t be over at noon today. That’s because Barack H. Obama has planted seeds that will be bearing bitter fruit for years, and probably decades, to come. Here are a few of his most ignominious accomplishments:

1. Removing all mention of Islam from counter-terror training, and denying that Islamic texts and teachings have any role in inciting jihad terrorists to commit acts of violence.
Given Trump’s repeated upbraiding of Obama and Hillary Clinton during the campaign for their refusal even to say “radical Islam,” there is reason to be confident that Trump will once again allow our law enforcement and intelligence officials to study the motivating ideology of the jihad terrorists, which is an indispensable prerequisite to defeating them. However, large organizations such as the FBI, the CIA, the DHS and others don’t turn on a dime; Obama has made for an institutional culture of denial and political correctness that is now deeply embedded. All too many FBI agents and others who should know better think that the best thing they can do when confronted with a terror-tied mosque is conduct “outreach” and reassure the Muslims there of their good will. Investigate it?
Heavens to betsy, that would be “Islamophobic.” Attempts by Trump to ensure that the enemy ideology is indeed confronted realistically will be met with fierce resistance from with the law enforcement and intelligence agencies themselves.

2. Inundating the U.S. with Muslim migrants. Obama didn’t bring Muslim migrants to the U.S. at the rate that his friend Angela Merkel brought them to Germany, but his administration consistently showed a decided preference for Muslims over non-Muslim migrants: it was clearly more interested in social engineering than refugee relief. And so there is an unknowable number of Islamic jihadis now inside the United States, who came in with these migrants.
They have supposedly been vetted by Obama administration officials, but how can those officials vet for jihadist tendencies when they don’t even admit that there is a jihad? How can they possibly know what to look for? San Bernardino jihad murderer Tashfeen Malik was thoroughly vetted: she passed five separate background checks from five different U.S. agencies. So among these “vetted” refugees is any number of ticking time bombs. What’s more, even among those who will never mount a jihad attack are many who come with a ready-made model of society and governance, Sharia, that they consider superior to any system of government devised by Infidels.
As those Muslim migrants begin to make clear their determination to live by what they think to be the law of Allah rather than manmade law, there will be increasing conflict and civil strife. And all of it will bear the imprimatur of Barack Hussein Obama.
3. Showering hundreds of billions of dollars on the Islamic Republic of Iran. The definition of treason is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran order their people to chant “Death to America” in mosques every Friday, and repeatedly vow that they will ultimately destroy the United States of America and the state of Israel.
How is giving them billions, not treason? Other Presidents have been incompetent, corrupt, dishonest, but which has committed treason on a scale to rival the treason of Barack Hussein Obama?
The Leftist world order that created a world in which concessions to and remuneration of an avowed enemy, combined with the betrayal of and contempt for an ally, were considered wise and prudent moves is now in its death throes, and it cannot vanish from the scene quickly enough. But it isn’t going to go quietly. The legacy of its patron and foremost exponent, Barack Hussein Obama, will be the chaos, havoc, death, and destruction that it has yet to cause.


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