Obama Has Just Broken The Law To Take Over As President – He Secretly Met With This Person Behind Trump’s Back

It has been a long standing custom in the history of American presidents, that former and sitting presidents, shall not focus on their differences but seek to unite in their mutual love for the country. Therefore, it shall come as no surprise that Obama, who is devoid of anything slightly resemblant to patriotism, is unable to find common ground with President Trump.

President Obama seems to be unable to relinquish the power that he once held as the president of the United States. Ever since he left office, he’s been obsessed to take President Trump down by forming a “shadow government”.
On multiple occasions, he has had his “agents” conspire to leak delicate information, block legislation and organize anti-government rallies throughout the country.
In an effort to undermine the current legislative Agenda, Obama even went as far as to reach, behind Trump’s back, to key Senators urging not to repeal Obamacare. This is a breach of conduct for former presidents, and from a legal point of view, borderline close to sedition.
His actions have endangered not only this country but the whole world. Just in the last month sensitive information released by his aides have negatively impact counterterrorist efforts letting Isis members escape under the radar. How misguided must the priorities of such a man be, to benefit terrorists for the sake of propaganda? It make’s one sick to think this man was ever president.
In his latest stunt, he has scaled up his antics by secretly meeting with South Korean Moon Jae – in. This meeting was of special significance as it took place 3 days after Trump had met with South Korean Leader and on the same week as the G20. Obama was received in South Korea with presidential honors and had an hour-long closed-door meeting where he discussed a strategy to “deal with Trump”.  Similar meetings have taken place with Canada, France, and Germany in the last few weeks.
On these talks, Obama sought to convince world leaders that Trump’s Agenda was not the main American Agenda and asked world leaders to support “him”, until he could place Democrats back in place, most likely referring to a possible Michelle 2020.
Conducting these secrets meetings would make him guilty of Federal Crimes. First, he is effectively claiming to World Leaders to represent the “American Agenda”. Just the act of “representing” American unauthorized is grounds for prison. Furthermore, he is asking these countries to “pressure” the American Government. This actually would be a much more serious form of “collusion” than Trump was ever accused of.
What is most scary is the amount of influence Obama holds within the Justice Department, as feels he can break law without repercussions. Going a step further, while he was in South Korea, Obama made a public statement and called United States Presidency and Agenda “temporary”.
The fact that he feels confident enough to make this announcement without fearing prosecution by JOD just shows how deep his secret government runs. This is no accident. This man studied constitutional law, he knows he is breaking the law and he doesn’t care.
True to the evidence, and following the actions of Obama. The moment President Trump arrived the last G20 summit, the faced condemnation by his peers. The effects of the “anti-Trump” front orchestrated by Obama was visible evident last week in Germany. Ironically, this played perfectly into Trump’s hands and put him in a strong position to push his “American First” policy.
While Trump has managed to keep the upper hand in his secret battle with Obama, that does not mean the current situation can be tolerated. Had G. Bush presented a behavior slightly close to Obama’s he would have been prosecuted already.
It’s high time that Obama either learns to step down or we make him step down. We had to stand his desecration of our country when he was commander in chief but that time is gone. All this time Trump has refrained from formally conducting a prosecution against Obama, even while completely aware of his crimes, for the sake and honor of the American office and what it holds. However, there are lines that shall not be crossed. We cannot allow this sort of subversive and treasonous conduct continue any longer.


  1. When this snake be arrested a bring to justice?


  2. Why do we continue to babysit this Traitor to our country ? He was never a president. He infiltrated our goverment through fraud and deception. He was never qualified, by our Constitution, to be a president of the US. He did everything he could, to sabotage our country. He's got American blood all over his hands. And I'm just getting started. He has no power in America, just somebody else's money. There are outstanding warrants for him all over the world. The South Koreans don't care about him. Their just hedging their bet. The guy is gutter trash. I've heard the BS, he's only getting a break for the dignity of the position. That's BS if I ever heard it. He disgraced the office, and to drag this out is anything but dignifying the office. And he's in the house begging to keep obamacare alive. He knows how bad that prgram is. Talking about disgusting, we had many Veterans committing suicide daily because they couldn't get proper health care. So what did slime bag do. He illegally stole 1/3 of any of the existing funds set aside specifically for VA health care, to keep his POS program going. Thought the people would never notice. I don't want to go on. That traitor POS, isn't even worth the keystrokes. He is never going to take President Trump down. First he's too stupid to come even close to outwitting President Trump. That's a joke. And lastly, the American people will never allow it. He doesn't have a clue.

    1. Absolutely...he needs arresting. But first, they need to arrest the money behind him, Soros. He is naturalized, dual citizenship, and because he is an American citizen, he can be charged with TREASON, which is what his attacks on the government are. Every organization under his umbrella is guilty of terrorism, and sedition. Charge them and shut them down. Then go after the heads of the anarchist, communist movement. Get him and Hillary at the same time. I am so tired of Congress wasting time investigating, and coming up empty..l.lthe information is there, and if it were you or me, would be more than enough to arrest us and hold us for violations of law, treason, and high crimes. The latest judge to rule on the "subsidies" said Obama was committing "theft", as well as how he was stealing that money from the taxpayers, and a lesson in Constitution on how the President is not allowed to spend money, period, unless it is authorized by Congress. They didn't do it, so he STOLE 138 BILLION to pay subsidies to the insurance companies. Oh, but if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, and the cost of health insurance is going down. Now people are saying it is costing them more because their insurance prices went up...well, DUH...not really, though. They have been receiving cheaper because of subsidies, and never knew how much the prices really went up. I pray every day he is arrested or dies...same for Hillary. Death is a pretty final solution. But I really had hoped it would come in front of a firing squad or at the end of a rope...the way traitors are suppose to die.

  3. Obama needs to be arrested for breaking the law. And put behind bars for the rest of his life. Instead of all the hoopla floating around and nothing being done. Is there no one who has the balls to follow the laws. This is getting really old. Everyone whines but no one does anything. And Obama knows they never will. Trump knows if he takes the step all the Democrats will start god only knows what, and i often feel god is fed up with the crap going on also. We are being proved as a country of weakness. Just look at one of Obama's wonders BLM, Antifia, and any other alphabetic group. And nothing can be done. Sad!! Because I know we have people who can lead and stop all of this crap, but the Dem's and some Repub's would have a tantrum. All the rights, what about the rights of we the people?

  4. He has already broken The Logan act! Treason, sedition, and theft of government money. If Jeff Sessions weren't a deep state plant he might actually investigate and charge him with his crimes. But Jeff is a failure as attorney general working for the wrong side.


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