Moore Accuser Busted In Massive Sex Scam After Her Stepson Drops Massive Stunner

Obviously, the objective of this woman is conservative Roy Moore of Alabama who is running for the Senate against a liberal Democrat and who is basically hated by both the liberal and RINO foundations.
Gloria Allred Presser: Beverly Young Nelson Says Roy Moore Sexually Assaulted Her at Age 16
Alabama lady Beverly Young Nelson guaranteed on Monday that Judge Roy Moore sexually attacked her 40 years ago — disclosing to her story at a New York City q&a session held by prominent liberal lawyer Gloria Allred.
Nelson, 56, sat beside Allred and expressed that she came to know Roy Moore when she was 15 years of age, working in a neighborhood restaurant close to her secondary school. Moore was, a normal man eating in a similar seat each night and frequently complimenting her on her looks.
As indicated by Nelson’s announcement, one night, soon after her sixteenth birthday celebration, in December 1977, Moore offered her a ride home, just to pull his auto around back of the restaurant.
She says he at that point locked his car, snatched her, and tried to fiercely drive her face into his groin. She opposed savagely, the announcement read.
“I thought he was going to rape me,” Nelson said. “At some point, he gave up.”
Nelson claims Moore told her, “You are just a child and I am the District Attorney of Etowah County; if you tell anyone, no one will believe you,” and then let her out of the car.
In any case, gratefully, yesterday, Beverly Young Nelson’s enthusiastic stepson Darrel Nelson who is extremely worried about the lies his stepmother may get paid to tell.
He has made an open Facebook video to tell America he’s behind Judge Roy Moore and that he accepts with no shadow of an uncertainty that his stepmother isn’t coming clean about Judge Moore sexually attacking her when she was a high schooler.
Now that is what is called being a legend and having guts, yet I wouldn’t have any desire to be him during this years’ Thanksgiving dinner!
This lying lady worked for the Democrats for a considerable length of time, she has even been around the Sexual Predator Bill Clinton on various circumstances and around characters, for example, Anthony Weiner however days ago this lady appeared to have recalled Roy Moore assaulting her more than 40 years back? It’s quite recently so damn clear that this is only a political hit.


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