Melania Just Left Asia Alone Early, Gets Grossly Attacked On Her Way Libs Find Out Where’s She’s Going

The wife of President Donald Trump, Melania is doing a great job in her role as the first lady.
She joined Trump on his trip to Asia to meet with foreign leaders.
Melania unwillingly had to end her trip and leave the president to continue alone, heading to Vietnam.
This opens the chance for the liberal media to speak against Melania and Trump, maybe even use her departure to speak about their marriage. However, Trump stepped in before the media attacked her with comments and questions about where and why she is going. Nonetheless, his tweet didn’t help a lot, and the liberals went through with their attacks.
On Friday, Trump tweeted: “I am leaving China for  in Vietnam.  Melania is staying behind to see the zoo, and of course, the Great Wall of China before going to Alaska to greet our AMAZING troops.” Her trip to Alaska was not scheduled before, but it was new decision that she made by herself.
According to M Political, one day before her flight, Melania explained that she is headed for Alaska for a surprise visit for Veteran’s Day. The Alaskan Dispatch reported: “First lady Melania Trump will attend a military family event Friday morning on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) in Anchorage during her return from President Donald Trump’s continuing tour of Asian nations, the White House announced early Thursday.”
The report continued: “She will have a chance to check out various activities already planned on base Friday for celebration and remembrance, according to JBER. The Month of the Military Family Celebration event comes ahead of Veterans Day, which falls on Saturday but will be observed Friday.”
Her trip to Alaska will be private and it won’t be publicly published.
Eight years of Obama administration and the public never witnessed the devotion to the military devotion as Melania has shown.
Interestingly enough, she never said a word about her trip, which means that her visit doesn’t have anything to do with seeking attention.
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