Mark Levin Just Leaked Chuck Schumer’s Connection to NYC Terrorist & It’s Worse Than Anyone Imagined

Sean Hannity had Mark Levin as a guest on his show to talk about the terror attack in New York City.
It was revealed that there is a connection between Chuck Schumer and the 29-year-old suspect, Sayfullo Saipov.
According to Subject Politics, Safullo Saipov was an immigrant that came from Uzbekistan. He was 22 years old when he came to the U.S. with the help of Chuck Schumer and his “Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.”
This program was co-sponsored by Chuck Schumer which allowed 50,000 permanent foreign visas to be released through one year and it was all based on a lottery system. So the people could easily go online and enter the lottery contest, which can win them a free visa.
The Federal Judges that decided to block the extreme vetting from President Trump were advised by Mark Levin that they are actually jeopardizing the citizens of the U.S.
Levin stated: “This is progressivism gone nuts. And it’s going to kill a lot more people. And you would have thought after 9/11 that people would take this issue of immigration seriously.”
Fox News reported: “Donald Trump is following the constitution, following the statute, trying to protect America,” Levin said. “what the president is saying is, ‘you can’t bring people in from these countries until we figure out what’s going on.’”
“He warned that the federal judges who have tried to block Trump’s executive orders on immigration are endangering American citizens. He noted that one judge even spoke about due process rights for immigrants before they enter the U.S,” according to Fox News.
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  1. So people are going to continue to die because of a judge who is not even supposed to be overruling the President in the first place...the President has an inherent right to draw up executive orders and have them carried out. Obama did. Nobody said a thing when he was literally stripping Americans of their constitutional rights now did they? What's really going on?Are we to assume that the swamp in D.C. is EVERY FACET AT EVERY LEVEL and at EVERY TURN layers deep? If that's the case then lets throw them all out on their kiesters and start all over...We The People are the gravy train and we can invoke our right to overthrow an oligarch fascist communist socialist whatever the hell you wanna call yourselves no matter what party affiliation...get the fuck out. Tired of the corruption n lies n drama mama clickbaiting disgusting cheating robbing us blind bullshit...Thomas Jefferson Davy Crockett stated that when gov pulls away from being for the people then it's time to overthrow and start all over.


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