David Crosby to Trump supporters: ‘Don’t come to my show’

On Thursday, aging rock star David Crosby, formerly of Crosby, Still & Nash, said on Twitter that he doesn’t want Trump supporters to attend his shows, Mass Live reported Thursday.
According to Mass Live:
When David Crosby & Friends performed at The Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts on Monday, the show featured more than just his famous hits.
The singer spoke out against President Donald Trump during the show. Following the concert, an attendee reached out to the founding member of Crosby, Stills & Nash on Twitter, asking Crosby to stick to music.
“Don’t you realize that you will piss off 1/2 of your audience or at least 1/3 in liberal areas when you do that?” the fan wrote in a tweet mentioning the singer.
Crosby responded (Edited for language): “If you’re a Trump dummy and you don’t like progressives Don’t come to my show a*shole.”
Crosby also said in another tweet that he’ll do whatever he wants during his performances.
Among those who soundly criticized Crosby was Adam Baldwin, who responded by calling the leftover hippy a “wealthy old socialist.”
Of course it’s no surprise that Crosby doesn’t like Trump, as Mass Live pointed out:
Crosby has spoken against Trump for some time. In an interview with the IndyStar earlier this fall, he spoke of performing Neil Young’s “Let’s Impeach the President” while touring and compared Trump to previous presidents.
“We thought we had it bad with Bush, but now we have a guy who’s 10 times worse than Bush,” Crosby told the IndyStar. “I’ve been trying to write a song about Trump, man, but he’s so egregiously bad that I haven’t managed it, yet.”
The Boston Globe said that Crosby’s not sorry he called the Massachusetts fan a “Trump dummy.”
In a phone interview with the Globe, Crosby passionately defended his stance, saying that he disagreed with fans who think artists like him should “shut up and sing.”
“It’s not part of the deal,” he said.
Crosby said he thought President Trump was an “imbecile,” and brought up the band’s song “Ohio,” a protest to the four killed at Kent State University in 1970.
“He just really wanted me to shut up because he’s a Trump supporter and he doesn’t like that I think Trump’s an idiot,” Crosby told the Globe, adding, “I don’t care too much he doesn’t like it.”
Fine.  Then maybe Crosby won’t mind performing to smaller crowds…
One person noted:


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