BREAKING: Women Claiming They Were Offered Large Sums Of Money To Make Roy Moore Accusations

Ever since the Harvey Weintstein accusations first surfaced last month, there have been quite a large number of people that have been brought down in the public eye due to accusations of sexual misconduct.
On the other side of the coin, accusing someone of sexual impropriety has always been a tool in political campaigns. If anyone thinks that the Paula Jones stories (which ended up being true) and Gary Hart in the 1980s were the first times this happened you are sorely mistaken
As allegations that Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore had sexual contact with an underage girl almost 40 years ago roil the nationally watched race, other reports have surfaced that are taking the whole story into even more bizarre directions.
On Thursday, The Washington Post reported allegations about an incident that allegedly took place in 1979 between then 32-year-old Moore and a 14-year-old girl.
Now, a Twitter user identified as Doug Lewis, whose Twitter profile portrays him as a supporter of President Donald Trump and a Navy veteran, posted on the social media site that a family friend had contacted him regarding the situation.
The unidentified woman reportedly told Lewis that a Washington Post reporter — identified only as “Beth” — had offered her a substantial sum of money to accuse the GOP candidate of wrongdoing.
“A family friend who lives in Alabama just told my wife that a WAPO reporter named Beth offered her 1000$ to accuse Roy Moore,” Lewis tweeted.
In subsequent tweets, Lewis further reported that the friend had pictures of the journalist who contacted her and had even recorded the conversation on her phone.
Lewis said he advised the friend to take the recording and the picture to the local district attorney’s office, but to make sure she kept a copy for herself, just in case.
Another Twitter user — JustBrenda — responded to the report, saying she “wouldn’t be surprised” if the allegations regarding the reporter were true. She also noted that those who make up sexual offenses “make things harder” for real victims.
Lewis replied to JustBrenda, assuring her that they would “find out” the truth. He also noted that “Jean” — presumably the friend who was allegedly contacted by the Washington Post — had reached out to the Etowah County District Attorney in regards to the evidence she had.


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