BREAKING: Kenyan Government Releases Obama’s Real Birth Certificate

We all knew that former president Obama is a shady person.
Americans know nothing about their former President.
Little to no evidence is available for the public to have a look at concerning Obama’s birth and early childhood roots.
But some things may finally surface. According to several reports,  the Office of the Principal Register of the Nyanza Province in Kenya will hand out 11 documents related to Barack Obama’s birth and early childhood in the country. Americans have been searching for these documents for a long time. But finally, Obama will be exposed. A request has been sent by Americans to have a close look at these 11 documents, but they were not available until now. Obama’s luck ran out after the Kenyan Supreme Court decided to order its authorities to publish the documents based on a law on “access to information.”
We were not far from the truth when we said that Obama has a few skeletons in his closet. The documents reveal that Barrack Hussein Obama was actually born initially in Lamu, Kenya. After a year of his birth date, his father traveled to Hawaii where he met his mother. This brand new information is a lot different from the information that was presented by the government over the last two years.
If it turns out that the documents are valid, it could prove without a doubt that Obama had no legal right to become President of the United States. But the worst part is that the American papers we’ve seen were modified to keep Obama’s secret under the carpet. It was all one big lie.
Even in our wildest dreams, we could not imagine that we could have a liar sitting in the Oval Office. It makes me sick that a liar has been leading this country for eight long years.
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  1. I have known that all along!

  2. This isn't a real surprise --- I know BO is a liar every time his lips move ---- he should be sent to prison with more than ample ass HC.


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