BREAKING: 52 People Shot, 11 Dead So Far Waiting on Police and President to Address The Nation

President Donald Trump will soon be addressing the sudden attack in Chicago. The last 36 hours have been a bloodbath, leaving thirteen dead and an additional fifty two victims were wounded in the brutal ambush, eleven of which have died. This has never been said before.
While most people were looking forward for a relaxing weekend, Chicago gangsters were getting ready for a bloodbath knowing that nobody would stop them at their killing game that began on Sunday, October 22 and continued through Friday, October 27. Overlooked the problems in their city for too long cost the officials in Chicago countless lives.
Chicago has an “assault weapons” ban, a “violence tax,” a state-imposed waiting period on gun purchases, and strict regulations on the number of gun stores allowed in the city, as well as restrictions on the locations of those stores.
Clearly, these and other gun controls do not prevent criminals from acquiring and using firearms, but they do make it difficult for law-abiding citizens to get the guns they need for self-defense.
“During his ceremony, Sessions said that the U.S. has ‘a crime problem’ that may be ‘a dangerous permanent trend’,” Bustle’s reports added. “In an effort to remedy this, Trump’s latest executive orders will specifically target what he views as the leading causes of crime: gang members, drug cartels and dealers, and those who commit crimes against cops.
Trump will single-handedly save countless black lives by cracking down in these thugs who kill other people – many of whom are random and just in the wrong place at the wrong time in the war zone.
If anyone is doing more for the black community and proving black lives matter than Barack Obama, it’s his successor, President Trump. Eighty-eight percent of the victims in Chicago are black and were all ignored while Obama was in office, pushing and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.
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