Serial sex offender Bill Clinton knows a lot about dicks, but when it comes to dictators, not so much. The former president called the current President a dictator, forgetting that this is the United Sates and we have a Constitution full of checks and balances that stops anyone from having absolute power. Clearly he’s still upset that Donald Trump kicked his wife’s ass in last year’s election. He was counting on Hillary being president so she would be too preoccupied to notice his naughty behavior.
Clinton was on Conan O’Brein Wednesday proving that two irrelevants don’t make anything relevant. Bubba started out by rambling on how unfair the media coverage was for Hillary leading up to the election. You know, because the liberal media who tried everything they could to put Hillary in the White House was somehow working against her. They were probably hacked by the Russians.
Then, this ridiculous thing came out of Bill’s mouth:
“And the Dictators Club in the world, they want two things. They want nuclear weapons, because they feel like they can never be dislodged no matter how much people hate them if they’ve got nuclear power. And they want to abolish the line between fact and fiction and truth and lie, because they figure if you don’t what’s true and you don’t think you could ever know, pretty soon, everybody will accept the fact that democracy’s no longer possible,” said Clinton.
“Are you talking about foreign countries now or here, because that shook me to the bone for a second,” asked O’Brien.
Clinton paused for a long moment and tried to speak but couldn’t form any words.
“You just said a lot by saying nothing,” said” O’Brien.
Clearly Clinton was talking about Trump and he confirmed it by not denying it. Bill Clinton, a former POTUS, called the current President a dictator and a lair on national (sort of) TV. It’s complete bullshit, but a serious charge nonetheless. In his sly Clinton-esque way, he just questioned the legitimacy of the United States government. That could actually be considered sedition, but you know Bill doesn’t care about no sticking’ laws.
I’m not even sure what Clinton is basing this on, other than sour grapes. It’s not like Donald Trump has overstepped his Constitutional authority like Barack Obama did. It’s not like Donald Trump broke the law like Bill Clinton did. What exactly makes Trump a dictator? Because he’s undoing years of destructive liberalism? Whether the left likes it or not, everything Trump is doing is well within his defined powers.
The funniest thing about this mini-rant is Bill’s insistence that Trump is a liar. You may remember that Clinton was convicted of perjury, which is lying under oath. He was stripped of his law license and even impeached by the House of Representatives. Much like how he has no room to call Trump a sexual abuser, Clinton has no standing in questioning anyone’s honesty.


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