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Democrat Conyers Threatens to Take the Whole Damn Swamp Down With Him

The lawyer for Rep. John Conyers hinted the Michigan Democrat may take down “many others” with him if he is pushed too hard! Peter Hasson describes for the Daily Caller the remarkable vague threat emanating for the attorney representing John Conyers: The attorney for Democratic Michigan Rep. John Conyers, who is accused of continuously sexually harassing his female staffers, defended Conyers by indicating that there are allegations against “many members” of the House and Senate. Conyers’ attorney, Arnold E. Reed, released a statement defending the Michigan Democrat and pushing back against the “disturbing allegations.” The bizarre statement was written in all-CAPS and referred to both Reed and Conyers in the third person. This could get fun. Here is the statement released by Mr. Reed:

EVERY DETAIL Of Roy Moore Attacker DEBUNKED! Throw Her In Prison NOW!

Apparently, a key witness has appeared in the case. That means that the lies these two “innocents” have spread is coming to an end, and it would mean heavy consequences for both, Beverly Young Nelson and her attorney, Gloria Allred. According to our source, Freedom Daily, the proof that Nelson suggested, a yearbook with a loving signature by Judge Moore, was obviously a fraud evidence. To be more specific, the message in the yearbook is the following: “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore, D.A.” Phillip L. Jauregui, attorney of Judge Moore, states that signature D.A. clears the blame out of Moore, simply because back in 1977, he wasn’t even a District Attorney yet! In one occasion, pastor Mike Alison of the South Alabama church , inspired by the support Moore gave to the church and the society, gave the following statement: “He has staunchly defended the Constitution of the United States, he has stood for the word of God … h…

Miley Cyrus: “Today I Leave America And Never Come Back, In 10 Days I Will Be British Citizen”

Miley Cyrus and numerous other American celebrities threatened to move out of the country to avoid living under newly-elected President Trump. As the Mirror reports, other famous female faces who can’t stand the thought of a reality show star running the free world include Amy Schumer, Cher, and Lena Dunham.

Schumer said she would move to Spain if Trump won the presidency, while Cher proclaimed that she would move even farther away from America by catching a flight to Jupiter. Lena Dunham and Neve Campbell decided they would stay a little closer to Hollywood by heading to Canada, and Miley Cyrus didn’t specify where she would go. “We’re all just f**king jam between his rich a*s toes!” Cyrus wrote of Trump in a March 2 Instagram post. “Honestly f**k this s**t I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!).”

Miley Cyrus’ most recent Instagram post about Donald Trump — a screenshot of a Washington Post article about him getting booed at a polling station — has been…

Another Fraud Trail Has Been Discovered! Guess Where It Led? Ben Carson Knows, And Is On The Warpath!

Any entrepreneur realizes that, for an organization to be productive, fraud and waste must be dispensed if they exist. When fraud and waste exist in view of purposeful carelessness or bungle, it’s an ideal opportunity to do some house keeping and dispose of the general population that are ripping off the organization. At the point when the organization getting ripped off is an office of the government, supported by us citizens, that exists to give minimal cost housing to low-salary families, somebody should be considered responsible for the extortion and waste. The issue is the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Inspector General (IG), the government guard dog made by (HUD) to manage and report such misrepresentation and waste misuse, has been concealing the data contained in no less than 14 reports. Also, Ben Carson is on the warpath! The Daily Caller revealed: The reports concern issues plaguing the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), including felons illegally livin…

Entitled Thug Harasses Queen’s Guard, Gets KNOCKED THE HELL OUT After What He Said To Him

If you go to London, you’re probably excited to see the Queen’s Guards.

They may look odd and funny but you shouldn’t mess with them. One man harassed one of the Queen’s Guards and this is what he got in return. While being in London, this guy stood up in front of the guard and started dancing thinking that the guard won’t pay attention to him. But that’s when he was wrong. According to our source, Freedom Daily, the guard punched him and the man was shocked from what he just witnessed. This doesn’t happen very often and everyone shared it on social media. But what exactly is the Queen’s Guard? “The Queen’s Guard and Queen’s Life Guard (called King’s Guard and King’s Life Guard when the reigning monarch is male) are the names given to contingents of infantry and cavalry soldiers charged with guarding the official royal residences in the United Kingdom. The British Army has regiments of both Horse Guards and Foot Guards predating the English Restoration (1660), and since the reign of K…

Nancy Pelosi: Americans Need To Mind Their Place And Honor Obama For His Amazing Healthcare Plan

One thing that is undeniable is the fact that Democrats plan to keep doing what they have been since 2008. All of their failed ideas and policies are not going away, and they fully intend to keep fighting for everything that the American people rejected this past election. Despite being an absolute lunatic, Nancy Pelosi has been heavily featured this week as she is calling out Americans for bashing ObamaCare. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is now telling Americans they should be grateful for everything Obama has done for them since 2008, and they should be thanking him for ObamaCare. Top House Democrats gave more clues Monday about how they’ll fight GOP efforts to repeal ObamaCare, sharing enrollment figures and stories about Americans saved by the health care law, ahead of President Obama’s visit Wednesday. “Whatever the circumstance, health wise you are financially better off” with ObamaCare, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Monday on a conference call with reporters.


Schumer advised Trump to prove he’s not a white supremacist by letting illegals vote!!!

Senate sleazebag Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has declared restricting voting to only Americans as an exercise in racism. Everything that protects America from conquest, such as immigration laws, vetting of refugees and voter IDs is racist to corrupt Chuck. Obviously feeling a threat to the Democrats’ system of voter fraud that is the foundation of every election they win, the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared that Democrats will attempt to use a “must-pass” bill to dissolve President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission if he doesn’t end it ‘voluntarily.”

What do you think ??

UNSEALED Government Documents Show What Bill Clinton Did on ‘Pedophile Island’

Convicted sex offender, Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, had the disgusting habit of paying girls as young as 12 to participate in “massage” sessions, during which he would allegedly penetrate girls with sex toys, demand to be masturbated, and have intercourse, on his private plane dubbed the “Lolita Express.” More than 24 times, former President Bill Clinton flew too.

Clinton shared Epstein’s plane with two female associates of Epstein, the socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein’s former assistant Sarah Kellen. In January 2002, for instance, Clinton, his aide Doug Band, and Clinton’s Secret Service detail are listed on a flight from Japan to Hong Kong with Epstein, Maxwell, Kellen, and two women described only as “Janice” and “Jessica.” One month later, records show, Clinton hopped a ride from Miami to Westchester on a flight that also included Epstein, Maxwell, Kellen, and a woman described only as “one female.” According to the court records, and flight logs, Clinton frequently flew w…

Singer Tina Turner: “This Thanksgiving Is The First Time in 8 Years That I am Thankful For Our President, God Bless Him And His Supporters.” Do You Support To Tina ?

Singer Tina Turner: “This Thanksgiving Is The First Time in 8 Years That I am Thankful For Our President, God Bless Him And His Supporters.” Do You Support To Tina ?
“This Thanksgiving Is The First Time in 8 Years That I am Thankful For Our President, God Bless Him And His Supporters.” Do You Support To Tina ? source:

Loretta Lynch Forced To Admit Why She Let Hillary Walk In Front of Entire Country

Attorney General Loretta Lynch was questioned during her appearance before the House Judiciary Committee.

She refused to give answers because it might jeopardize Hillary Clinton. Fortunately, the congressmen were there to press her and receive answers. The Congressmen kept pushing until she was feeling trapped. The American people need to know about the lies that Loretta Lynch worked. Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) stated: “That shadow which you cast on the Department of Justice just got a whole lot bigger.” After around four hours of a non stopping conversation between the Congressmen and the second attorney general to former President Barack Obama finally, there was some improvement. Ratcliffe asked for a promise from Lynch that she will refuse to serve as an attorney general if by any chance Hillary Clinton won the presidential race. There were some reports that she will serve to the Clinton campaign as the former first lady’s cabinet. This came after Lynch held a meeting with Bill …


A standout amongst the most persuasive famous people on the planet that passes by the name Robert Redford has issued an open articulation that he totally bolsters and supports the president Donald Trump and his approaches. 
Redford communicated his feeling about the present American president Donald Trump . One of the fundamental subjects of his discourse was his failure with the division which is available in the nations over the USA. He trusts that the circumstance was never more regrettable and that there were times when it was feasible for two sides to cooperate. Notwithstanding, it appears that today it is unimaginable and he feels dismal about it. As a genuine individual, Redford trusts that the general population of America should bolster their present president and remain together indeed. 

The well known performing artist additionally specified that things have changed radically since the Watergate embarrassment which occurred in 1972 amid Nixon's administration. Likewise…

WOW! TEXAS MAN Pays For AWESOME Billboard Slamming ABC Over Fake Russia-Trump News Coverage

Americans are sick and tired of being lied to by the media. This awesome patriot and business owner is making sure ABC gets the message! SAN ANTONIO — A Boerne man is making his voice heard loud and clear by renouncing ABC News and recent news coverage of President Donald Trump with a large billboard at I-10 and Buckskin Drive. It reads: “ABC News: I grew up with you. We are through. The Russians didn’t elect Donald Trump. I did.” The billboard was paid for by Kyle Courtney, according to a spokesman with his company Wellstar Groundwater Technologies. Kyle Courtney Here’s what the billboard looks like:
Courtney released the following statement to SBG San Antonio. “ABC News was the only channel I watched as a child growing up in Texas but I think they have lost touch with America and forgotten the working man. They don’t represent our voice anymore. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was funded by the Clinton Foundation in close coordination with the media, and now we’re seeing them…

Boo! Congress Just Deleted Obama’s Legacy In Bold Move – Democrats Can’t Do A Thing About It

For a considerable length of time conservatives in Washington have guaranteed to fix the harm made by President Obama. The main individual to really do anything has been President Donald Trump.

Look what he has accomplished in the economy because he is the first President in decades to assemble an expense design that really helps all Americans. However, with his encouraging, Republicans look to at last be following through on their oath, settling the shocking harm Obama did to the country. They are getting down to business change after change that will return money to Americans’ pockets. What’s more, one unique expansion to the most recent bill will arrive a gigantic blow into one of Obama’s most exceedingly bad approaches. You can practically hear Americans cheering – and Obama crying. For years conservatives in Washington have promised to undo the damage made by President Obama. The only person to actually do anything has been President Donald Trump.

Look what he has accomplished in…

Singer Sheryl Crow: ‘I Forbid My Kids To Watch TV When Trump Is On, I Prefer Classy People Like Hillary Or…’

Recently on ABC’s “The View,” singer and Hillary Clinton fan Sheryl Crow stated that she doesn’t let her children see President Donald Trump on TV because she is “embarrassed.” Crow stated, “I did travel with Mrs. Clinton. I went to Bosnia. She has done a lot of work for, like, 30 years for women and children. And I don’t care—you know, I saw what happened with President Obama.” “It made me sick. I think he brought out some real bigotry in the country by virtue of the fact that he was the first black president.” “I’m just speaking my mind here. I’m seeing it with the first female president and it sickens me.”
“As far as Trump is concerned, I met him on the set of “Studio 54.” It was a movie, and he was being who he is, which is Donald Trump, you know. He was making his appearance. That’s me and Cindy Crawford. I’m trying to look as tall as she is.” “But that’s the only time I’ve ever met him. But you know, I’m embarrassed. My kids, I don’t want to go too far into it but I don’t let my kids…


The 2020 presidential election is Senator Bernie Sanders’ race to lose, according to a new survey of more than a dozen top Democratic strategists. The survey, conducted by The Hill, reveals a Democratic field crowded with old faces. At a time when the party could use some fresh blood, most contenders for commander-in-chief have been around for decades. Sanders, who will be 79 years old in 2020, currently leads the pack. “His people have never gone away,” Democratic strategist Brad Bannon told The Hill. “And he has a loyal core following out there that will be with him come hell or high water.” Sanders is the most popular politician in America, with an approval rating of 75 percent, according to a recent Harvard-Harris poll. Keep Up With This Story And MoreBy Subscribing Now Since losing the 2016 primary to Hillary Clinton, Sanders has toured the U.S. to promote his political group, Our Revolution, and his Medicare-for-all bill. His frequent travel has led many to speculate that he’s d…