24Hrs After Trump Frees Basketball Players from 10Yr Chinese Prison Sentence, Look What Racist NBA Did

Our president has always been kind and good to people.

Everything he does makes everyone love him and respect him.
And now you’re going to read why.
After he returned from his successful trip to Asia where he accomplished a lot, he did something that nobody was expecting. He proved that he is concerned for every American, regardless of skin color or if they voted for him, he went out to get three UCLA basketball players released from Chinese “house arrest” after they were accused of shoplifting sunglasses and faced a 10 year sentence in prison.
According to our source, MPolitical, it’s no secret that many professional players are not Donald Trump fans, but this didn’t stop him from being the leader he promised he would be for the American People. No matter how many people disrespected him, called him racist, didn’t believe in him, he will still show up and save who or what needs to be saved and this proves that Americans matter to Trump more than any other president.
The NBA star for the Boston Celtics, Kyrie Irving, has been an outspoken professional basketball player for the protests he’s seen happen in the National Football League. He made a statement on it in September, supporting the message in kneeling and the right to do that. But after seeing what Trump did for the UCLA players, he showed up on the court on Tuesday night, at his game against the New Jersey Nets and he suprised everyone.
“A masked Kyrie Irving returned to the court Tuesday night to help the Celtics beat the Nets 109-102, giving Boston its thirteenth straight victory after an 0-2 start.
After this latest victory, Kyrie Irving found two women in uniform who serve in the military and gave one his game-worn jersey and the other his shoes. As you’d might expect, they were really pumped.
It’s impossible to not smile after you see and hear the genuine joy in their voices.
Veterans Day may have been Saturday, but every day is a good day to show active military personnel and veterans love,” Sports Illustrated reported.
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