When ANTIFA Showed Up In Texas Today, Cops IMMEDIATELY Made Them Regret Coming

Antifa activists clashed with police in Austin, Texas on Saturday, as hundreds marched against “fascism.” The protesters became angered by someone who extended a “thank you” to police, according to reports, leading to chant’s of “F–k the police” and “This is what a police state looks like.”

Police refused to allow violence and cracked down on the masked Antifa activists, pinning offenders to the ground and making arrests.
(Pictures and video taken at the event can be viewed below; however, be advised that activists used VERY FOUL LANGUAGE as they yelled at law enforcement officers.)

According to CBS Austin, counter-protesters to the “Dixie Freedom Rally” were arrested by the Texas DPS. About a 150 people marched from Wooldridge Park in downtown Austin to the capitol, protesting against confederate monuments, President Donald J. Trump, law enforcement and fascism.
In video’s captured of the protest, Antifa activists can be seen yelling at law enforcement officers, screaming and calling them “murderers,” “violent pigs” and  “f-cking psychopaths.” In one video, the Antifa activists were yelling “the only good cop is a dead cop,” and antagonizing the police.
Outraged activists claimed the police were being too rough and abusive as they fought to keep control and make arrests. On video, they can be seen handcuffing individuals and pushing them back, as the protesters scream.
Explaining the anger, one of the organizers of the protest, Nicolas Ortiz, told KVUE the protesters were antagonized by someone talking about  the police, thanking them.
“Saying thank you so much, you know I want to thank the police,” Ortiz reportedly said. “Until it kind of got out of hand. It escalated from there, people started pushing him, I walked around, got caught up in the mix.”
The “Dixie Freedom Rally” was slated to go down on Saturday September 2, but organizers, the Texas Confederate Militia, were forced to move the rally to Sept. 23. Brad Oxford, a rally organizer, told KXAN that the rally was meant to promote the “true Confederate heritage that most of America is unaware of,” but had drawn a flurry of threats.
“We’re getting constant threats, at least 100 of them a day, every day,” Oxford reportedly said. “We’re trying to show people that we’re not the racists that we think they are. We’re not part of the Klan, we’re not part of any white supremacist groups at all.”
Why was Antifa permitted to appear with covers and weapons. In the event that they prohibited the masks – then the violence would practically end! It’s sickening to watch Antifa terrorists shout at cops and call them “murderers” and “violent pigs.”
Thank God for these Texas cops.They aren’t taking any crap. Share this if you love our police officers. Let’s show them some frickin’ support.


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