WATCH: Vegas Victim Visited By Trump, Has 8 Shocking Words After He Leaves Room

President Donald Trump recently visited a Las Vegas hospital to show his love and support for the victims of Sunday night’s tragedy. However, it seems that one patient, in particular, is getting quite a bit of attention – and it all centers around the 8 shocking words she uttered just moments after Trump left the room.

Tiffany Huizar (right) with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump (left) (Photo Credit: Shealah Craighead/, Screenshot/YouTube)
With over 500 people injured after the shooting in Las Vegas, Trump was only able to visit with a select few to express his sympathy. Of those, he stopped by to see was Tiffany Huizar, who came to the concert from Santa Anna, California, but hasn’t been able to leave Las Vegas thus far.
Come to find out, the unfortunate woman was shot in the stomach and rushed to the hospital. There, she underwent emergency surgery to remove the bullet the very next day. Since then, she has been recovering and is expected to survive without any permanent physical damage.
During her stay in the hospital, Trump stopped by her room to say a few words. Of course, seeing how very few people get a personal visit from the leader of the free world, it would be hard for most of us to find the right words to describe such an experience – but not for Tiffany.
According to IJ Review, the woman had just 8 shocking words to tell the media and waited for Trump to leave the room before voicing them. “He was super nice,” she told reporters from her bed at University Medical Center before adding, “He wasn’t who we see on social media.” She later went on to say that he was very “comforting” during his visit with her as well.
In short, she took an unintentional – but very effective – jab at “fake news” by saying that he isn’t who everyone makes him out to be on social media with the help of the false narrative pushed by the liberal mainstream media. Of course, the left would rather you didn’t hear about her surprising revelation so they won’t likely be reporting on it anytime soon, only further solidifying the fact that they’re liars.
As for Tiffany, the road to recovery will be a long one, but family and friends are trying to make it easier for her and have opened a Go Fund Me to raise money for her medical bills. The injury has been a strain on the family as they’ve had to unexpectedly travel from California to be by Tiffany’s side during this horrendous ordeal.
Tiffany is recovering from surgery & her injuries aren’t long term nor permanent. Her vitals are unstable due to the length of time the bullet was in her. There’s no way of knowing how long she will be in the hospital. They have insurance but since it’s out of network, they may not cover much. Family and friends, they need donations/help with Tiffany’s medical expenses, the family to have meals/drinks, hygiene etc and the costs for time off work/school for Ismael and The Huizar Family to stay as long as needed there. [Source: Go Fund Me]
If more people could be like Tiffany, this country would be in much better shape. Instead of listening to all the hype, she let Trump’s actions speak for themselves, and it only took this woman merely seconds to realize that Trump isn’t the man he’s being made out to be and realize that he actually loves this country and those in it.
Of course, the left thrives off of division and needs emotion to fuel their agenda, so you’ll never see any kind of bias-free reporting from them, but that’s not the point. Every day, the media is being exposed for the crooks that they are and it’s only getting worse for them..
It’s only a matter of time before the leftist propaganda machine loses what little credibility they have left – and that’s not something you can get back. The media is destroying themselves, and it’s refreshing to see their narrative literally implode in their faces as a woman uses their platform to tell the truth. Trump loves this country, and anyone who can’t see that is clearly blind.
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