WATCH: San Francisco Thug Jumps On White Guy’s Lamborghini, Gets Brutal Instant Justice

A shocking video has emerged out of San Francisco, California, where a street thug was recorded running up the hood and onto the roof of a white guy’s Lamborghini. Now, the clip has gone viral after the would-be prankster got a brutal dose of instant justice, and rightfully so.

Screenshots from the video footage (Photo Credits: YouTube/TruthC)
According to The Mirror, the shocking incident recently occurred in San Francisco, California, in broad daylight, when one prankster attempted to make a viral YouTube video by vandalizing an innocent motorist’s Lamborghini. Stunts like this often lead to thousands of views online, earning money for the degenerate who performed it and fueling the pervasive thug mentality toward hard-working Americans who are demonized for being productive members of society.
In the beginning of the clip, the thug, wearing the red backpack and baseball-cap, can be seen running up the hood of a Lamborghini Aventador SV, instantly provoking the owner of the expensive super-car to chase him down the street. The thug makes a clean getaway, and this is when he should have just left the irate Lamborghini owner alone — but he didn’t.
In the second part of the clip, the thug is seen running back for another pass at the man’s Lamborghini. As the punk tries to jump up on the back of the car from behind, he gets a brutal dose of instant justice that he truly deserved. The fed-up driver quickly catches the thug and teaches him a lesson about vandalizing other people’s property.
As the clip continues, the owner of the Lamborghini slams the punk to the ground, “Come on, come on punk,” the irate man can be heard screaming at the now terrified thug laying on his back. “You’re lucky I don’t f***ing kill you right now,” the angry driver added.
Instantly, bystanders tried to convince the victim to let the thug off the ground, according to the clip which was also uploaded to Crave Online. “You’ve got a fast car, just drive,” one of the bystanders can be heard telling the man. At this point, the punk should have just stayed on the ground. Instead, he started to get up on his feet and the victim of his attempted vandalism jumped right back on him. A couple of well-placed punches was all it took, and the thug was knocked out cold and laying in the street as bystanders tried to wake him up.
One man, who appears to be a friend of the prankster, walks up and tells other bystanders to leave him alone. “He’s fine, he’s fine,” the man says as he leans down to tap his friend. “Hey, hey, hey, wake up,” the man says to his unconscious degenerate friend. The thug on the ground remains unresponsive for the duration of the video.
When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. This punk got exactly what he deserved. He targeted the white guy with the Lamborghini obviously because he wouldn’t have drawn as much attention if he jumped on someone’s Honda Civic or Nissan Pathfinder. The driver of the vehicle had every right to protect himself and his property from the thug. It’s not likely in San Francisco that authorities will investigate the punk who vandalized the Lamborghini. In that Communist capital of California, they are more likely to treat the thug like a victim, unfortunately. The owner of the car will likely have to settle for the brutal dose of instant justice he was able to deliver.
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