Watch: Gold Star Family Walked Out of NFL Game and Pissed off Every Racist Player With What They Left Behing

A Gold Star family just left a harrowing message to all NFL protesting players, racist or not, and the message reminds us why everyone in the country should always stand for the National Anthem. The protests of the American flag are out of hand, inappropriate, disrespectful, and people don’t want to hear or see it anymore. The fans are tired of it, the league probably secretly dislikes it. From players taking a knee or raising the racist black power fist during football games, the NFL has suffered a horrible decline in fan approval. You can’t go anywhere in person or on social media without seeing people express their thoughts and emotions about how disappointed and disgraced they are about the current state of football how the players are ruining it by injecting their shoddy political beliefs into the game. The players claim it’s their platform to speak their voices, but it’s the wrong platform and the wrong message.
Now we have a Gold Star family walking out of an NFL game after their son gave their life for all of us, leaving behind the most touching message you could ever see. People who take a knee after seeing this are a special kind of disrespectful and I would be highly embarrassed as a team owner, teammate, or coach if anyone on my team protested after seeing this.

The stepfather of a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan in 2013 has had enough of NFL player’s disrespecting the men and women who fight and die for the United States; walking out of a recent football game but leaving behind pictures of his heroic stepson.
“U.S. Marine Cpl. David M. Sonka was killed during a combat operation alongside his K9 named Flex. Shortly after his death in 2013, his family was presented with the flag that was draped over his coffin. That flag is displayed in his family’s home as a constant reminder of his sacrifice,” writes a local news station.
Glenn Beine, the fallen soldier’s stepfather, decided to stage a protest of his own at a recent Denver Bronco’s football game, saying “My feeling is, they’re disrespecting David and everybody else that has defended it.”
Before exiting the stadium at the conclusion of the anthem, Beine left behind a poster; featuring images and the story of Marine Cpl. David Sonka.
“I’m protesting your protest,” he added.
That is absolutely powerful, breathtaking, and magnificent. Hopefully the players on the Denver Broncos and every NFL team see this and more reminders on why everyone should always stand during the National Anthem, show respect to the people who fought for our freedom, and be thankful we’re in this amazing country of America.
When the players are at an NFL football game and know there’s members of the military and their families in the audience, and they still take a knee, then that’s a very sad shame. To see people act that entitled and disrespectful towards the people who willingly sign up for one of the most difficult jobs in the world, knowing they could lose their life at any second in an ambush or combat, is just a very saddening that people would protest them.
Some protesting players say it’s not about the flag, and if that’s true, then they should stop protesting the flag. If they’re just seeking attention in hopes to get a different message out to the masses, then it has completely backfired and failed to epic proportions. The NFL appears to have ratings dropping and fans are seemingly uninterested in the distasteful display of disrespect from players.
The players might claim it’s their right, and they’re correct. They can protest if they want, but that does not mean they should and that does not mean their protest will win over the hearts of fans. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell needs to grow a set of titanium testicles and insert a new rule that bans politics from football. The fans don’t want to hear about social justice, politics, or anything else in their preferred form of entertainment. These guys are athletes and performers paid to entertain us. That’s their job and we pay a very hefty price for it.
The main problem with the protesters is that they don’t realize how ineffective they are. They’re cluelessly costing their team and the league money every week and don’t understand that if they keep protesting, then it will eventually come out of their paychecks. What happens when protesting athletes lose money? They forget about that message really quick, that’s for sure. Either that or teams stop signing them on account of not wanting to deal with backlash from fans who threaten a boycott of their own team.
Learning about a Gold Star family should be a sobering reminder of why we stand for the National Anthem. People give their entire life for us and it’s shameful when people disrespect the people who fight for America.
Let’s put an end to the political protests in football and get back to crushing skulls.


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