WATCH: Charlie Pride Has Enough Of Whoopi’s Race-Baiting, Shuts Her Down On Live TV

Country music legend Charlie Pride appeared on “The View” on Thursday to promote his new album, titled “Music in My Heart.” He delivered a performance of “Kiss An Angel Good Morning” that would make any country music fan swoon, but during the interview portion, he dropped a truth bomb on the liberal hosts of the daytime talk show which was totally unexpected. Having had enough of Whoopi Goldberg’s race-baiting, Pride decided to shut her down right on live television.

Country singer Charlie Pride appears on “The View” on Thursday, October 12, 2017. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/The View/YouTube)

Whoopi Goldberg, who admitted that she was so starstruck upon meeting Charlie Pride that she could “barely keep it together,” asked the legendary country music artist what it was like to earn a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award as the only “man of color” in the country music industry. “What was it like to be the first black country artist?” co-host Sarah Haines seconded.
“Before I answer that,” replied Pride, “I told my wife I wasn’t going to get long-winded. I’m going to have to condense this down.” He continued, “You just mentioned, ‘of color.’ When I first started in this business, one reporter said, ‘Charlie, how does it feel to be the Jackie Robinson of country music? Charlie, how does it feel to be the first colored country singer? Charlie, how does it feel to be the first Negro country singer? Charlie, how does it feel to be the first Afro-American country singer?'”
According to IJR, Pride’s answer was one for the ages. “I said ‘I feel the same way I did when I was colored,'” he replied.
Sadly, race relations seem to be in worse shape nowadays than they were back when Charlie Pride signed with RCA. Perhaps it has something to do with the entitlement mentality that seems to have swept our nation in recent decades, which has been coupled with an aversion to hard work.
People now use race as an excuse; minorities allege that they are owed something. Back in the day, if you wanted to make it in this world as a black man, you didn’t waste time screaming about reparations and racial inequality, you pulled up your bootstraps and went to work because, at the end of the day, you were only limited by your willingness to put in the effort. If you were willing to put in the work, you could accomplish anything a white man could. Charlie Pride is proof. He’s sold more records than almost any other country music artist, despite the fact that country music’s fan base is largely white.
This also flies in the face of a stereotype the left has concocted for those who listen to country music as racist rednecks. It appears that’s not the case since it is these white country music fans who have been buying a “colored” man’s records for decades.
Pride has spent more than fifty years in the music business, an achievement he never would have accomplished by making excuses. At the end of the day, we’re all men and women. The color of our skin should not matter so much as the content of our character and the extent of our abilities. The color of our skin shouldn’t matter at all, really.
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  1. I first met Charlie Pride in 1969 at the US Navy Base, Norfolk, Va., at the NCO Club testing for pre scuba school. I knew then that he was going to be a star, as he had the club inthralled . His voice, and music held everyones attention. While I don't have every recording he mad, I have a lot of them. Years later, I was very pleased that he became successful, as country was not his first choice of music .

  2. Thank God For Charlie Pride and the many millions of African Americans who are patriots, who believe in God, who do the right thing every day, who are loving and kind, who are the very best that people can be. I am so totally done with the skin color thing - it is a bogus non-issue because God made us all, black, white, yellow, red - whatever color you want to call it. It's not the skin color - it is the substance of the person, the child of God. God loves us all and wants us to stop engaging in anything that divides us along racial lines.

    1. I have always loved Mr Prides talents! To catagorize him as the "first or only Black" country performer is to diminish his stature and is unacceptable!


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