Twitter Gives Obama a Dose of Reality After He Bashes Trump for ‘Dividing People’

Former President Barack Obama is continuing with his attempts to ruin President Donald Trump’s presidency.
It seems that he is trying to make his political comeback by destroying the reputation that Trump has earned.
However, the facts and the proofs are always destroying his statements.
According to Independent Journal Review, Obama gave a speech to support Ralph Northam, the gubernatorial candidate for Virginia. He claimed that Trump is doing a really good job in “dividing people.”
During his speech, Barack Obama stated: “If you have to win a campaign by dividing people, you’re not going to be able to govern them. You won’t be able to unite them later if that’s how you start.”
It looks like he forgot about the issues that came up during his time in the White House. Issues that President Trump is working hard to fix.
During his campaign, Obama pledged to bring the nation together, but according to the Pew Research Center, he left the office with a 67-point partisan approval gap.
Before he ended his presidential carries of two terms, 81 percent of Democrats favored Obama. On the other side, only 14 percent of Republicans approved of the former president.
When former President George W. Bush left the Oval Office, the gap was 58 points wide. The approval by the Republicans was 81 percent in favor of his eight-year time in the office. Only 23 percent of Democrats thought the same.
Barack Obama’s statement was quickly attacked on the social media. Many Twitter users backlashed him with facts from the time of his presidential career.
Yeah, especially if you continue that pattern of intentionally dividing them during your two terms. Yeah, you’re so right. 
Obama says Trump shouldn't divide the country - only Obama was allowed to do that  
Obama today said he "laments the politics of division."

What a joke. Obama is the most divisive President this country has ever had.
It can be said that Trump’s main mission isn’t unity, according to Gallup’s tracking survey, the president’s approval rating has dropped to 36 percent. However, Obama’s promise from 2008, to move “beyond the divisive politics of Washington” to bring the American people together wasn’t quite fulfilled. So, from all the people, Obama’s words on these matters is worthless.
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