Trump Slaps Micheal Moore With Nasty Surprise After He Vowed To ‘Take Out’ The President

Micheal Moore vowed to “take out” President Donald Trump only hours after the inauguration. Over the last ten months, Moore has been on a crusade, spreading lies and ratcheting up his leftist loser followers as he promises impeachment. Moore calls all Trump supporters “racist,” and he mistakenly thought that he would be the demise of Donald Trump. Now, Moore is crying himself to sleep like a baby after the president just slapped him with a nasty surprise that he’ll never forget.

Michael Moore (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Jeff Holmes/Getty Images, BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)
Michael Moore is one of the biggest buffoons, whose fifteen minutes of fame was over 20 years ago. Moore warned the mainstream media and the Democrats that Donald Trump would win the presidency. He actually saw what they missed; namely, blue collar workers and middle America was fed up with Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton offered nothing but the same.
However, those insights stopped short of Moore understanding that he could not derail the Trump presidency with leftist lies. Moore immediately started to work on what would become his Broadway play called “The Terms of My Surrender,” which was a one-man hate-fest. Celebrities love his show, with even Meryl Streep showing up with friends to attend and take selfies with the hefty documentary maker.

“Between the Hudson River and La Cienega Boulevard [in Los Angeles], there are a lot of people who watched Trump on the Apprentice, like 40 million. They loved him because he could keep it simple, stupid,” says Moore during his Broadway show. Moore is referring to flyover country, the middle part of America, with contempt. You see, Moore sees anyone who voted for Trump as “simple and stupid.” He thinks anyone who does not live on the coasts as backward, and he thought his drivel on stage could “take out” the Trump presidency.
“Can a Broadway show bring down a sitting president?” asks Moore, who goes on to say, “It’s a theory I had, a question I thought, well why not? We’ve tried everything else since January.” Moore tells his Broadway audience that Trump lied to the good people of Wisconsin and told them, “I will make you rich.” That is how the Michigan-born Moore explains the Trump victory. According to Moore, we all bought a lie that Donald Trump promised to make us all rich. What a bunch of malarkey Moore is selling.
Well, never fear. Michael Moore made a huge mistake. He thought he could take on President Donald Trump, alone, in a one-man Broadway play. He thought people would pack the playhouse, cheering him on. He directly challenged Trump with this show, and now, he is getting slapped hard in his war on Trump.
“Michael Moore’s Broadway show aimed at bringing down Trump shuts down,” reports Twitchy. The play just debuted in August, which makes Moore’s Trump takedown attempt the shortest in history. Americans rejected his idiotic show and were on social media loving the fact that Moore’s play is no more.
“Film director Michael Moore may have arrived on Broadway with the self-professed goal of taking down a sitting president. But in the end, his politically liberal-minded show, ‘The Terms of My Surrender,’ which closed this past weekend, failed to wow at the box office. In its 13-week run, including a preview period, the show had ticket sales of $4.2 million, according to, a theater website that tracks grosses based on data from the Broadway League, a trade group. That figure represents only about 49% of the show’s potential gross,” reports the Wall Street Journal.
When will these celebrities learn Americans were not “duped” into voting for Trump? Nor did Russians hack our democracy. They are the stupid ones, hellbent on making Trump out to be a Nazi who conned those who live in the heartland of America into making him the Commander-in-Chief.  Donald Trump’s election is a direct result of eight years of Barack Obama’s leftist policies that shattered our economy and divided this nation. Maybe Moore should do a play on that. Now that’s a show that would sell out because it would be the truth. The good news is the liberal nutjobs like Moore will be the reason Trump is elected again in 2020, and that truly is something to celebrate.
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