Trump Just Exposed Obama’s $500 Billion Swindle on the American Taxpayer — This is CRIMINAL!

During his presidency, Obama loved doing two things: weakening our country and emboldening our enemies and his pet causes. He gave billions of dollars to Iran and, as it turns out, he raided the various departments of our government to funnel money to his pet liberal causes.

Obama wants his legacy to be that of the one who delivered socialist medical care to Americans. The more time that goes on, however, the more it becomes apparent that Obama’s legacy should rightfully be seen as that of a major league fleecing of America.

Gateway Pundit reports that an audit of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Agency conducted between 2015 and 2016 found “11 material weaknesses, 7 significant deficiencies, and 5 instances of noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations” that caused $520 billion in missing revenue.
Obama appointed libtard Julian Castro to head the HUD in 2014 and with his ascension two years of corruption followed. When Castro’s agency was audited, investigators found the following:

“(1) the Office of General Counsel’s refusal to sign the management representation letter, (2) HUD’s improper use of cumulative and first-in, first-out budgetary accounting methods of disbursing community planning and development program funds, (3) the $4.2 billion in nonpooled loan assets from Ginnie Mae’s stand-alone financial statements that we could not audit due to inadequate support, (4) the improper accounting for certain HUD assets and liabilities, and (5) material differences between HUD’s subledger and general ledger accounts.”

In other words, the books were being cooked in order to push hundreds of billions of tax payer money into the shadows to be used by the Deep State and Obama.

This is not the only source of missing funds that have been located within former president Obama’s administration. The Departments of Justice, State and Health and Human Services have all produced shocking occurrences of billions disappearing.
Where did the money go? No one really knows, so it is incumbent on all of us to demand that Trump’s Department of Justice investigate this more and quickly bring the perpetrators of this robbery to justice.
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