Trump Calls Abrupt Press Conference & Says The Two Dumbest Things Possible

Controversy and criticism follow the president wherever he goes and for good reason. In a press conference alongside former secretary of state to Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Trump dug himself in even deeper with ridiculous comments on Sen. Bob Corker and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

During the press conference on Tuesday, Trump responded to questions about his recent feud with Sen. Bob Corker and his comments that Trump’s administration is “chaos” that could ignite World War III.

We were on the wrong path before. What you have to do is take a look. If you look over the last 25 years — [under] the previous administration, we were on a path to a very big problem, a problem like this world has never seen. We’re on the right path right now, believe me.’
The “right path” does not consist of a series of provocations against a power that has the apparent capabilities to strike back with nuclear weaponry with those provocations being returned by ever increasing levels of threats. The just described situation is, however, exactly what is unfolding before our very eyes — even though Trump seems to be under the impression that everything is getting along just fine.

Trump also fails to recognize that many in the GOP are struggling to contain their dismay over Trump’s idiocy and lies. Even his backers note that Corker has it rather easy considering that “it’s easy to be bold when you’re not coming back.”
Additionally, note how Trump yet again finds another way to blame Obama for something. Rather than take any responsibility for what he can see with his very own eyes is going on, he would prefer to simply cast off any negative situations onto the back of President Obama.
In a later comment during the press conference, Trump quipped that he “doesn’t believe in undercutting people” in the context of his ongoing reported feud with his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

The battle with Corker seemingly came out of nowhere last week. Trump took to Twitter to attack outgoing Tennessee GOP Senator Bob Corker, as Trump so often does when criticized, and the feud was on. Corker has been gently critical of the president in the past, but gave an interview in which he insisted that the Trump administration was “chaos” without Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Chief of Staff John Kelly. Immediately following being called out on Trump’s Twitter feed, Corker seemed to no longer care much for holding back even that much, quipping that the White House has turned into an “adult day care.”
Trump’s response followed, also on Twitter.
Also in response to the president’s criticism, Corker suggested that the U.S. is on the path to World War III. Sitting in the Oval Office this Tuesday with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Trump responded to the Senator’s criticism and, unsurprisingly, dismissed it.
Even though he claims to be of this persuasion, he’s careless enough to repeatedly fire off barbs at leaders who are supposed to be allied with him. Senator Bob Corker, who announced recently that he would not be seeking re-election, isn’t the only leading member of the GOP who Trump has gone after.
He’s attacked everyone from Senator Lisa Murkowski to Senator John McCain to Senator Mitch McConnell. Trump is determined to go it alone — no matter whether that means that he can’t get anything done and drags the nation into a ditch or not. It’s not like this is a monarchy, even though Trump seems to be under the impression that it is.


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